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Thread: I love plants

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    I love plants

    Yes I am saying it. I know this is a weird post but I am looking at this giant bonsai tree that I have nurtured from 3 inches, and I LOVE PLANTS!

    Plants have been a 'thing' for me in the many offices I have worked. They are silent pets. They are living thing that one must tend to. I liked the minimal responsibility, I liked the science of sunlight and hydration.

    Seriously one of the sadest momenets of my life....I would say top 20....humans first was losing my 6 year plant at US customs. That was rough on me, seriously. My buddy probably got thrown in a garbage. He was a 40hr a week friend for 6 years.

    I started over with a bonsai and now I am buying the biggest thing I can put him in. I want him to grow and live and expand.

    Plants really are a great way to respect life on a simple level. I know this is corny and gay, but I was staring at him for like 20 minutes and I wanted to share. They are stable rocks in your life.

    If anyone loves plants too, please share.

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    Re: I love plants

    I have never thought about loving plants. But really when you said I love plants it makes me think that we do need plants in our lives as they do bring a lot to the table.

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