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    New Mars Rover Photos Reveal Ancient Stone Road

    In this raw data ( SOL 1709) just released by NASA, the Mars Rover has appeared to have captured the ruins of an ancient road or floor of a temple on the Martian surface. The photos are unfiltered and untouched. The symmetry appears to be artificial and not natural to me.


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    Not again!

    NOT A&$%!!ING GAIN!!!

    "Glass worms..."

    Are merely trenches and valleys.

    The "face"...

    ...was an eroded mesa.

    A bunch of random craters, mesas and buttes become "cities".

    A discarded plastic bag becomes a "bunny".

    It's natural for us to see familiar objects in random or semi-random patterns. It's a well-understood psychological phenomenon called pareidolia.

    To me this "road" looks like cracked, dried earth like we see on our planet:

    This is very exciting, if that's the case; we may have found a riverbed!
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    Re: New Mars Rover Photos Reveal Ancient Stone Roa

    I think it's far more likely those 'roads' could have been caused by water than by an ancient, advanced civilization. Although, anything that shallow that was caused by water would have been eroded by wind. So perhaps it was a boulder being blown around in one of Mars' planetwide dust storms. In any case, there are plenty of simpler explanations than alien life forms.

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    Re: New Mars Rover Photos Reveal Ancient Stone Roa

    that photo does not have a reference scale!?what size are the markings!?dont look like roads to me!?at least not advanced roads!?maybe retarded roads by an ancient retarded civilization is more accurate!?JUST KIDDIN!!!!....about what!?:freak3: :judges: :spin2: : hehe!!.....just askn....
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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