I want to warn people about DPS Direct Pay System, DirectPaySystem.net because it is often advertised as a "done for you hands down" money making system where "they do all the marketing for you." This is a lie. They do not do all the marketing for you. You must use ineffective free internet marketing methods or paid advertising. The levels of participation are $400, $800, $1600, $3200, and coming $6400. You would be shocked at how little you receive at each of these levels. Their $3200 level offers a postcard you can download and print! Previous cash gifters have gone to programs such as this. It's just taking money out of one set of pockets and placing it in another set of pockets, without giving people anything of much value in return. Some of the backoffice marketing training is good, the rest is cheap junk. I would stay away. Do as you will and harm none. I leave this opportunity after my sponsor had lied to me about 8 times. The owner seems like a decent guy so I'm not condemning this or mentioning his name, but there is a lot of hype and lies on the part of some sponsors. DPS says there is a $1000 dollar guarantee if you don't make money in 60 days, but you'll not find out about all the conditions that must be met, until after you join. I would look for an opportunity with a more solid product or service. I felt I should say something.