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Thread: Wrestling Scams

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    Wrestling Scams

    I mean I guess this isn't considered a "sport", this is called "entertainment". Talk about the biggest wrestling sport scams on the internet. I was duped at an early age with this fake sport.

    I remember being in Manhattan with my DAD and see the Iron Sheik lose to Hulk Hogan and the epic battle!

    When I heard Wrestling was faker than Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy (the Rock is still the tooth fairy and a kick ass wrestling champian.........dont worry ;)

    I have watched and went to live wrestling events alone, with my family, with friends but listening to old Howard Stern shows made me youtube this event between crackhead Lawrence Taylor and Bam Bam Bigalo. I have to see who wins this "WHo cares? match"

    This really does stand up to the hype. I don't mind getting sucked into this vortex again.

    So what are YOUR wrestling scams?
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