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    Hotels In Las Vegas Scams

    Listen if you are going to Las Vegas, here's some great free advice about hotels so you don't get scammed. I'm going to give you some tips so that you save money
    1. Get your reservation online (I've gotten $400 rooms for $79) Shop around! If you want to stay on the strip....use those bidding websites, throw in 4 or 5 stars and TRUST me there's some crazy good deals.
    2. Always make up a story to get a good room. Anniversary/BDay...something at front desk.
    3. Be super super nice to the girl or guy at the front desk...per put out a $10 tip ahead of time. Otherwise your view will be dumpsters. Share the love. They will hook you up...no words. Put the $10 bill right off the bat. If they ask about the cash you say.....just want some positive juejue my way. I tend to go to the ugliest girl and flash my blue eyes with her.
    4. If you get a bad room, or you forgot to pre-tip....when you get to the room if its not to your liking, walk back down and get a better room with a better view. Sometimes they upgrade you for free to a suite, since they don't want bad word of mouth.
    5. Sometimes you can get some comps, free casino chips, a free buffet. Simply ask. The pre-tip definitely helps. Maybe turn that $10 into a $20 if you heard they can through you some crazy good coupons.

    If you have a hotel scam in Las Vegas, please register here at scam.com and report it. Help people not get scammed when traveling. There's nothing worse than having the vacation a year ruined by the hotel. I wish you the best and fun and laughs:sun_smiley::sun_smiley::sun_smiley:
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    Re: Hotels In Las Vegas Scams

    These are some great tips. I like the $10 tip one. It is a good idea to do this as it will get you further in a better room.

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    Re: Hotels In Las Vegas Scams

    These tips will definitely help if the front desk girl is responsive; but if you happen to be dealing with a stupid one, she will not care for your smiles, nice words, and most probably will throw the $10 at your face! :)

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