Illuminati set a milestone in the Central African Republic: officially extending the agenda "Genocide of Christians" from countries with muslim majorities to countries with christian majorities.

As for Syria, there are now regularly a few seconds of helicopters dropping barrel bombs over civilians, as long what the images show is not stated: children, elderly and women being the main targets.
This way not only syrians are terrorized but also what's left of the brains of the TV audience is refreshed, about what will happen in case THEY will revolt.

A reminder of Last Prophet's words from Aug 2013
Illuminati media censors real victims, real rebels, real bombings; shows ONLY fake victims, fake activists, fake rebels, fake fights and Assad & his butchers
Understand why you
- have never heard an interview with a general or any other real member of the FSA, Free Syrian Army;
- seen the victims of real chemical bombings or any other real bombings.

Syria: illuminati media totally censors Assad's atrocities, while it broadcasts images meant to discredit the freedom fighters:
- staged victims, meant to suggest that it´s all fake, with the climax of Kerry's address: pretending to "expose" Assad's crimes while in fact trying to deny it, deliberately using fake evidence (1);
- fake activists such as Syria Danny”, fake rebels of Al Nusra Front, and the "Al Nusra rebels", created to discredit and fight the real rebels;
- staged fighting between Assad's butchers and Al Nusra", with the climax at the christian village of Maaloula: Hezbollah assassins of christians play their protectors, wear christian crosses for the camera (2).

The good old illuminati trick of fake victims, fake activists, fake rebels - Typology
There are two types:
1. meant to be propagated as REAL. Fake victims were massively used from Bosnia 1994 to Egypt 2013 (3).
Goal: to attack governments not controlled by the illuminati.

2. deliberately fake, meant to be later exposed by illuminati media. Examples go from "dead activist Neda", Iran 2009 to “activist Syria Danny”.
Goal: on a first phase cast doubts about the crimes of the illumiinati puppets.
Next the real massacres by their puppets are assigned to the freedom fighters.
This completes the "Black is white" agenda.
The ultimate example: Syria, with Assad's chemical attacks assigned to the victims.

(1) John Kerry's Syria address after Assad's massive chemical attack: "black is white" psy-op to deny the undeniable atrocities of butcher Assad, part of "lone ranger Obama" act.

(2) The "liberation" of Al-Qusair in June 2013, after almost 60 days.
Last Prophet's words during its destruction:
"Despite Assad's 8,000 Hezbollah and 5,000 iranian butchers, not to mention tanks, non-stop air bombings and chemical weapons ... Free Syrian Army's freedom fighters continue to resist."
TRUTH survived as of today as 05/30/2013 10:35 AM reply to this thread posted by CIA disinfo:

In June the IV Reich mercenaries finally entered al-Qusair.
The only "liberated" town, ghost town Al-Qusair reduced to rubble, with ALL the population either dead or fleeing and the FSA abandoning it to save as much civilians as possible.
BBC's Lisa Doucet at Qusair, video. Impossible to conceal the total destruction, despite the non-stop lies coming out from her mouth.

3 months later, contrast it with how the illuminati stage the "liberation" of a town, after a fake fight.
Illuminati fake fighting at christian town of Maaloula: *** Hezbollah butchers *** wear christian crosses for the camera.
September 12: This "report" is the broken record served by illuminati media, particularly BBC News and RussiaToday for the past 24 hours, their "journalists" "covering" the "fight" "embedded" in Assad's butchers.
There are no differences, other than the duration of the "report", between RussiaToday or BBC News and al-Mayadeen TV, the lebanese Hezbollah version of Iran's PressTV.
No wonder: all these TV channels are controlled by the illuminati, like everything else Assad does, it's all directed by the illuminati.
(a) BBC News: 5 minutes. Broadcast continues with the non-stop marketing of imposter impersonating "Putin" since 2010
(b) al-Mayadeen TV: Syrian Army liberates Maaloula - 25 minutes

(3) Examples of fake victim, meant to be propagated as REAL
Injured Egyptian Brotherhood caught with fake wound, by Al Jazeera

Last Prophet's words immediately after "Neda"'s fake blood:
NEDA HOAX, innocent bystander murdered = CIA PSY-OP to discredit Iran protesters
End of story, February 2010 :

Illuminati jokes: After six months of Assad air bombing children with chemical weapons, BBC News becomes the first illuminati channel to report it (1), August 30 2013 ...
less than 24 hours before the act of illuminati theater scripted as "UK prime minister Cameron loses vote to degrade capability for Assad to launch chemical attacks".

Christian minorities in countries with muslim majorities: illuminati agenda Genocide of Christians

The origins of the Illuminati: playing religious fundamentalists from the beginning