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    Is cashcrateincome.com a scam?

    I saw an ad for this on the internet and think that it is a scam. If anybody out knows whether it is a scam or legitimate let me know. It's called www.cashcrateincome.com

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    Re: Is cashcrateincome.com a scam?

    Ya know what.....
    Chicken Butt

    (nephews are doing this 1000x a day)

    No seriously,

    Stay away from these things. I get hammered with these links on facebook. I have tried them, tried using them as an affiliate banner link on scam.com, and even as a USER......to get free coupons, ipads, etc.

    YOU MUST READ!.....I MEAN READ....READ....READ the TERMS. You need another window opened on your computer, with a txt file, you need to copy and paste urls, terms, everything!

    Alot of these offers are free trials that activate into paying memberships. You gotta cancel or you get screwed for hundreds of $$$$ a month!

    Trust me. Trust me. Your credit card will get banged more than Brad Pitt staying a year in a state prison shower room.

    You gotta outsmart the scammers. You need to play them at their own game. Believe nothing and lastly the amount of spam you are going to get for the rest of your life is disgusting....you will be signing up for a new email account within 2 weeks.:judges:

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