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    TrueCar.com hassle

    When I bought a new car, I made the big mistake of falling for the promises of TrueCar.com. First, in order to get their special price, you must provide your name, email and phone number. The first lie is that nobody will contact you until you are ready. Ha! I was inundated every day, by both email and phone, repeatedly, and by multiple salespeople at the same dealerships. I was also harrassed by dealers who weren't even on their list. And the saddest part is that the calls and emails still continue many months later. The second big lie is the price itself. The dealers add on hundreds of dollars in various gimmicks that are already on the car and can't be removed. Therefore, the real price is much higher than what was quoted. This site is 100% geared to collect contact information for the dealers at the expense of the consumer. If you are interested in another scam during the same car buying experience, see DataDots in the Business Scam forum.

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    Re: TrueCar.com hassle

    Man I hate their (Truecar) commercials. I am glad to hear your point of view. I watch ALOT, I MEAN ALOT of OnDemand on cable and I must see Truecar commercials like 100 a day.

    Listen, I like capitalism, but I would never use them only because they hammer you over the head with the same lame commercial 6 to 10 times an hr. Even the funniest most viral commercial gets old. There's the 3 time rule.....its only funny 3 times. When you get beaten over the head, it drives you :2gunsfiring_v1: nuts.

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    Re: TrueCar.com hassle

    I say forget the Truecar.com outfits. In the old days the best way to buy a car is to go to Consumer reports and get the print out on 3 similar types of cars from 3 different manufacturers ( eg. Chevy,Ford, Chrysler) then compare the prices and options. then go to a reliable car dealership and armed with the print out you can offer a good price with reasonable markup. for most US cars $500 for a mark up is reasonable. You don't shave the dealership too much or you won't get good service. that is about it. for leasing the prices or capitalization cost is all about the same for US GM,Ford Chrysler) depends upon how much you drive and how ofter you trade it in . If used average mileage should be about 15,000 a year without penalty and get a 24 month lease. before the next car. most of this is tax deductable if you use the car for work as well as leisure ( e.g you can deduct the cost of every trip after the first to work until the last trip home from work.i.e travel to a hospital then make trips to other hosptials before you come home. a lease makes that pretty easy along with a mileage records these online outfits are not popular with dealerships. that is the American way. Consumer reports has helped a lot

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