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    DataDot Technology on new cars Scam

    I would like to help other new car buyers to not get scammed like I was. Car dealers add DataDots to new vehicles for what they call theft protection. This is supposed to be entirely voluntary, but the dealer told me it was mandatory. After I paid the activation fee of nearly $300, that cost the dealer $10, the buyer ripoff continued. After several months, my vehicle has never been entered into any ISO or NICB or even their very own DataDot database. Identifying stolen parts or prosecuting theft? Please....not without the database registration! It could have been stolen, stripped down, sent on a world cruise, reassembled and resold back to me by now. It is now clear to me why DataDot is not BBB accredited and therefore has no record to check. So save your money and see if the dealer lets you walk away from the sale. I will never buy another car with DataDots and will tell everyone I can what happened to me.
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    Re: DataDot Technology on new cars Scam

    Great post. Unbelievable , is nothing sacred? The conspiracy theorists must be pouncing on this Big Brother technology too. Maybe Flight 370 should have opted for the DataDot upgrade. I just went to their website you can get the datadot spray on bikes, boats, cars, and even tools! Crazy. 5 years we'll hear this causes cancer or something.

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