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    Toothpaste Explosives On Airplanes Olympics

    There's a red alert now for toothpaste or cosmetic tube containers that may contain explosives for the Olympic Sochi games. Its been on CNN all day now, they now think that its not for the airplanes, its going to be AT THE GAMES.

    • :2gunsfiring_v1:57% of people think there will be some act of terrorism at the Winter Olympics
    • Mitt Romney said he would trust his family there, but thinks the US would do a better job.
    • Putin thinks he has this whole thing covered, yet explosives could have been planted weeks ago.
    • Obama gives everyone peace of mind saying the US is helping where needed.
    • Is the media throwing gasoline on the fire giving people ideas?!
    • Will toothpaste and all small container things be banned?
    • Are people freaking out for no reason?
    • How did this information get leaked out?:1crysad:

    There's NO WAY to be able to search every piece of luggage. Even 100 dogs aren't going to figure this out. If you were a terrorist anyway, why not mail the toothpaste or take a train, buss, rent a car. Europe is easy to navigate. Doing this via airplane seems stupid, no?

    I don't want to give these idiots ideas.....but this whole thing could be a simple MISS DIRECTION DIVERSION. Think about that. Toothpaste seems too obvious and stupid. There's a backstory.
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    Re: Toothpaste Explosives On Airplanes Olympics

    It is important to know that government stages everything, so government are the "terrorists". I fear there will be a false flag event staged sometime during the Winter Olympics by some government. If the event is not directly staged by government, the powers that be will know way ahead of time who's responsible and the plot, and let whatever "attack" happen; for whatever reason government thinks of. This is the reality and people are aware generally of the truth, including staged "terror" and Problem, Reaction, Solution employed by Government & CORPORATIONS.
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    Re: Toothpaste Explosives On Airplanes Olympics

    I don't know. Like who is the Government anyway? Is the President making all the moves here? Sounds like you are paranoid from smoking too much weed.

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