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    A terrorist attack at the Olympics ?

    There are 57% of all Americans that think there is going to be a terrorist attack at the Winter Olympics. This is on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. A majority of people (57%!!!) believe there's going to be an attack! How is an acceptable? I hope they are taking these terrorist attacks seriously.

    Secretary of State Kerry really seems like a wet noodle! His backbone is weak, he seems like he's half asleep. I hope all the athletes are going to be safe.

    It's very very very scary. God bless the people protecting the Olympians.

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    Re: A terrorist attack at the Olympics ?

    So far so good on the attacks!
    Yes the ceremonies on a big HD TV is like watching fireworks live.

    Wow the ice skating has been incredible! The doubles are always my favorite.

    The hockey?????? Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

    Mens and women phenomenal !!!!!!
    GO USA, USA, USA!!!!!!!!!

    Those Canucks are dirty bastards on the ice:rotz::rotz::rotz:

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    Re: A terrorist attack at the Olympics ?

    Thank God it didn't happen. I thought it was 100% going to happen, considering they were so close to Chechnya. Luck.
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    Re: A terrorist attack at the Olympics ?

    If any "terrorist" attack happened it would be planned beforehand with permission from the Russian government. Basically a government would stage a "terrorist" event to create a problem, get a reaction, and then offer up a "solution" which of course is in the global cabals favor. The second part of the process we all have control over. If we react immediately by calling the PTB bluff, "this is a false flag, you staged it government!". The cabal doesn't receive the reaction they want therefore cannot receive their "solution" in their favor.

    Now "The Powers That Be", Do not have to be. We have the perception the powers must "be". It doesn't. Remember that we have power as the people in mass.
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