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    Jerry Seinfeld is not a Racist

    This news is so ridiculous its almost not even worth posting. Jerry Seinfeld is not a racist for Christs Sake! Ever since Saturday Night Live CRUMBLED like the little Canadian bitch he is (Lorne Michaels), now there's affirmative action on tv? Gimme a break. There's a black President, is there racism? Yeah. But targeting Jerry Seinfeld is ridiculous at best.

    But comedy is satire. It is getting horrible in the United States with PR bullshit.

    Jerry Seinfeld is running a low budget cable show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

    He brings on comedians in a cool old car and they do a loose on the street interview.

    He's being accused of not having blacks and women and latinas on the show.

    He is quoted as saying "Who cares?"

    I agree with him 100%. Jerry is great friends with fellow NYer Chris Rock for Fucks sake for one example. He is a Jew minority himself too. This has got to be the silliest media PR stunt.

    I have one crazy theory. Jerry is so smart he might have started this as a publicity stunt to promote his low end tv show. He could have orchestrated this after the lame 2 week rush of negative publicity to Saturday Night Live. People like Will Ferrel would understand this way of playing the public like puppets.:::

    Please use this Jerry Seinfeld is NOT a Racist Image on YOUR WEBSITE:

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