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    Why the movie industry is failing

    Ok everyone in Hollywood, read this.....I will give categories to why the movie industry has been failing and rating movies as to importance:

    When people are at work, people categorize a movie as: "oh wait til its on Redbox", "oh you gotta see that movie in the theater!", or "that movie sucked....download it" and you'll stop watching after 20 minutes. Its that simple.

    When a movie comes out here's what 'Word of Mouth' advertising does to a movie for customers:

    A MOVIE CAN BE: (and this is prioritized by $$$$)

    1. Something you pay in the theater opening weekend.
    2. Something you pay the following weekend.
    3. A movie you buy when on DVD.
    4. A movie you rent on Demand cable.
    5. A movie you wait for Red Box and rent for $1
    6. A movie you wait for to be on HBO/SHOWTIME/FX/Netflix, etc. for minimal bundled fee
    7. A movie you illegally download for free
    When movies suck, the number above gets higher. When its an awesome movie.....its going to be #1 or #2. (Word of mouth). Make better movies....hire better writers.....movies aren't just CGI graphics......try harder.....stop whining.

    Going to the movies costs $30 to $80 for a couple or family.

    Make better movies. These are the reasons the movie industry is failing.

    There's a recession going on, people go to the movies to escape from their mundane horrible lives. Give them some hope.

    It comes down to content. A 'Spiderman' movie comes down special effects. An indie movie comes down to good writing. Find a middle ground. Maybe the star doesnt need to make 20 million....maybe pay him 18 million and shoot the writer the 2, to make the movie better.
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    Re: Why the movie industry is failing

    I will tell you why the movie industry is failing:

    The quality is horrible. Prices are out of control. There's like 2 out of 10 movies that are decent. I mean you go to watch the SAME Superman movie, rewritten 8 times. It's horrible. How many times are they going to do Spiderman too? We know the story....there's plenty of villians out there.

    Who was the retard that decided to remake "Nightmare on Elm Street" ? Why ruin a perfect franchise?!!!!

    Gi JOE?!!!!! That wasn't even the same story line at all....so why ride the name and whore it out!!?

    Write a new story! Prequels are a copout! Remakes? Come on!! I'm scared to see the new Robocop movie, even though I will and it looks like its now an Iron Man ripoff, instead of the original awesomeness.

    The only good new movies are the young hungry talented people.....so movie companies should stop putting Nick Cage in every movie and try out some young stars. Its pretty horrible when you DO go to ONE movie and three previews show the same safe actors.:judges:
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    Re: Why the movie industry is failing

    I don't think the movie industry is failing. Seems like record numbers to me fleecing the public and all. They sure don't make movies like they used to, that's for sure.:elvis:

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    Re: Why the movie industry is failing

    The movie industry has just run out of original ideas. I don't particularly enjoy watching the same movie over and over. My husband works in the movie industry and he tends to agree with me. However, I have seen some wonderful indie films as of late. Really great movies that just don't get the recognition they deserve because they are too true to life. That film "Nebraska"? Awesome movie. I would have paid to watch it in theaters. Theaters don't get paid the money made off tickets. They only get that money after a film has been out for a certain amount of time. It's really all Hollywood greed.

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    Re: Why the movie industry is failing

    There just aren't any good movies these days. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground for movies. On one end, you've got the movies that are bloody and gory to the max. On the other end you've got all these stupid inspirational crap like Noah and the like.

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    Re: Why the movie industry is failing

    The reason movies suck isn't just because the writers are underpaid it's because there aren't many talented writers left. Or none have been born in the past two or three decades. The only way Hollywood and movie industry can save themselves is get busy making kids want to read more instead of sitting around watching stupid movies and cartoons that don't help them develop their creativity. Either get those kids early and train them to be good thinkers/writers or risk watching your multi-billion industry crumble down.

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