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    Peyton Manning Fixed The Superbowl

    Yes, you heard it here first. Peyton Manning bet against his team (had someone bet on his behalf) and fixed the Superbowl by sucking so badly.

    He is on the take, has the flu, was paid off, or some other score fixed agenda. I don't care what anyone says. This Superbowl is beyond fixed. Also Seattle is a little too fast....drug test those bastards....they are too fast, too amped up, and juiced up on chemicals.

    This Superbowl is BULLSHIT. This is not the Denver Broncos I have watched all year.
    What a bunch of crap. I can't believe I am watching this.

    I can't believe I have to listen to that Bruno Mars song AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Parties are ending quickly, trust me. People are tweeting, txting, bored, another horrible SuperBowl.

    The people that spent 4.5 million on a 2nd half commercial are the real scam victims.:

    Back to the thread. Peyton should be investigated for sports gambling tampering. This is worse than when Mike Tyson threw that fight to Buster Douglass for like 60 million.

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    Re: Peyton Manning Fixed The Superbowl

    100% Peyton fixed the Superbowl. I agree Manning was on the take. I 100% agree. Nothing added up. It was the most pathetic game and embarrassing to watch. I think Peyton Manning bet against himself because he's losing so much money from all those horrible Papa Johns Pizzerias investment.

    He fixed it, had the flu, was on the wrong types of drugs, and/or bet against the Denver Broncos.
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