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    Why isn't MAIL considered spam?

    Why isn't real mail spam considered spam ? My mailbox is full of flyers (that I didn't subscribe too), offers I didn't want. The mail is considered 90% spam now in my opinion.

    When I get spam in Gmail, Yahoo, I can click and report it.

    How do I delist myself from all the flyers and mail order scams?

    These local bastards hammer you with dead trees....its such a waste.
    Why do email spammers get such a bad rep? Its easier to delete an email than throw away some paper?:king22::judges:
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    Re: Why isn't MAIL considered spam?

    I'm a bit confused. Is that a real question or a rhetorical one? :spin2:

    Postal mail stuffed with flyers, coupons and other useless things should be considered spam. It's just that people are so used to this sort of spam, the first thing they think of wouldn't be spam. Instead, they just think it's 'normal'. The funny thing about this is that we get email spam and that type of spam has become 'normal' as well. However, we call it spam and postal mail spam is just postage crap.

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    Re: Why isn't MAIL considered spam?

    My point is that email spam is considered EVIL whereas postage spam is NORMAL.

    The second is much more intrusive, destructive, and laborsome.

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    Re: Why isn't MAIL considered spam?

    While it does bother me that they are wasting so much paper sending out all those flyers which go in the garbage, it's also costing them a lot more to send those out vs. email. I think people generally assume that by ignoring the junk mail in their mailboxes the vendors will eventually give up on trying to market to them that way since it's not proving cost effective.

    Also, our phsyical mail is different from our emails in that we only get mail once a day, we get emails all day long - pinging our phones and computers non stop.

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