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    Is transcribeteam.com a scam

    I came across a company called www.transcribeteam.com which claims that if you sign up with them they will provide you with transcription work and will pay you for the work that you complete. From what I can gather prior to 2014 were a company previously called Rev, and the reviews that I have seen for them on various internet sites have been mixed. Also, when I took a look at the form that one is supposed to complete in order to sign up with them, they asked for my name and home address, which made me a little weary as previous companies that I have worked for at home have not asked for that. So, my question is has anyone worked for www.transcribeteam.com or has anyone heard of them? If so, what was the experience like? Does this sound like a scam?
    Any answers that you have would be appreciated.

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    Re: Is transcribeteam.com a scam

    I will advise you to read many reviews about site before joining it. But be careful to spot fake reviews since most of them will have over rated information about the company.

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