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    Biggest Scam To Our Vets

    I think the biggest scam in the world is the way that the U.S. government treats our veterans after they return from deployment. There are way too many of them coming back missing limbs, mental disorders, or no where to live. Our veterans should be treated like gold but instead are treated like dirt. Just like right before Christmas congress passed a bill that decreased retirement benefits for veterans. Did you see any decrease in the congressman's retirement benefits? Yeah right! So much disrespect it makes me sick. I would just like to say to any veteran who reads this I'm sorry for the way that you are treated and thank you for your service!

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    Re: Biggest Scam To Our Vets

    If your leg gets blown off in battle, they give you a shitty robot one....yes (they don't)

    They are cutting the benefits and retirement ( can't afford it now thanks to Bush)

    No respect nor psychological help when they get back.

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