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    "The Internship" was horrible!

    You would think a movie with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn would be a sure fire hilarious romp. I know I did. "Wedding Crashers" was funny and I had no problem with it. But this....was horrible.

    By the end of the movie I just wanted Vince Vaughn to lose his voice. Or get his vocal chords clipped. It seemed the whole movie was about his character talking.

    And talking.

    And STILL talking.

    Save for a very few scenes, he was in there. Talking.

    The rest of the movie was set up for the guys to finally win. They were on the team of the loser nerds after all. And if you've watched ANY movie with nerds since "Revenge of the Nerds", you know they will prevail. There were no surprises. No twists to make you wonder.

    It was a movie that would have been better served as a series of webisodes. Owen was charming. Vince was annoying. And the rest of the cast were background fodder.

    Stay away. Far, far away. :2gunsfiring_v1:

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    Re: "The Internship" was horrible!

    I thought it was funny. Surprised you didn't like it:rotz::rotz::rotz:
    I liked the Internship. Was a nice Wedding Crasher reunion.
    But I make my money off Google, so maybe I was grasping to like it more than the public.
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    Re: "The Internship" was horrible!

    I didn't hate the movie. I found it somewhat entertaining but definitely nowhere near as good as Wedding Crashers. The plot was simple and nothing unique, but I think sometimes people want something they can lie back and watch and put little to no thought into it. I did find some of the beginning scenes somewhat amusing.

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