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    The best chicken wings in the World !

    Ok folks. The most favorite meal in my life across many countries, my whole life is the chicken wings from the Empire Grill in Macedon New York. Its either named Wolf or Vampire wings. Don't let the name scare you, they are not hot. So imagine the largest, crispy, juicy wings. The greatest sauce. Then THEY GRILL IT. Charred blackened wings. The flavor level is so amplified its silly!!!!!!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Empir...96715547040401
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    Re: The best chicken wings in the World !

    I love chicken wings too. There was a place in Hermosa Beach, CA that carried Dinosaur wings. These were fried and dipped in a honey-garlic sauce. Then there was a place called Chicken Factory that served "broasted" chicken that wasn't as oily as fried but very good.

    Shortly after those places closed, I moved but found myself getting wings from the supermarket. An upscale place called Bristol Farms had awesome garlic wings at the deli counter. Trader Joe's teriyaki wings were so good, I once ate the entire bag (about 20-25 wing sections) in one sitting.
    Not too crazy about buffalo wings except for the ones at Ralph's/Kroeger and i cook these until the skin is crispy, no sauce needed.

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    Re: The best chicken wings in the World !

    Wow. Thanks for sharing this to us. I also love chicken wings. I'm looking forward to trying your recommendation! It looks very delicious. Anyway, I'm not sure if you noticed but there is a ton of bad economic news for a lot of things that seem far away, such as falling mortgage costs and joblessness and so on. However, a few items of bad news hit where it hurts, such as that the expense of chicken wings and other well-liked game-day goodies are going up presently. This is bad news to many people especially to us, who are big fans of chicken wings. I hope the chicken wings from Empire Grill in New York will not increase in price any time sooner.

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