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    Has anyone had any success with them?

    I'm currently a few dollars short of their minimum withdrawal amount and was wondering what my withdrawal experience will be like. I've never done something like this before. I don't have much success with online surveys as, I tend to not fit the demographic they're looking for.

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    Re: InboxDollars

    Hi there, I was on ibd for a couple years. I did receive a Check when I hit the cash out limit but it took forever. Legit company though

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    Re: InboxDollars

    Not a scam but you are really talking about a few dollars a year.. Literally.. Your time and efforts are better spent elsewhere.

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    Re: InboxDollars

    I looked into them too. Its really low, not even worth it. I've sent leads and make $3 a month and its took away from my business.

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    Re: InboxDollars

    People normally use proxies to cheat the system. You can use VPN software which is not easily detectable to meet their demographic profiles.

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