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    Illuminati Leadership is NOT a commitee but ONE person, accordingly to the absolute pyramid principle

    FULLY exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt:
    Most members of secret societies controlled by the illuminati don't know who their Supreme Leader is.
    No wonder: most members of the illuminati don't even know the basic fact about the illuminati leadership.

    Illuminati Leadership is *** NOT a commitee *** but ONE person, accordingly to the absolute pyramid principle.
    As for the Wikipedia references: Keep in mind that the "encyclopedia of the age of the internet" is TOTALLY controlled by the illuminati.

    Leadership of organizations
    An organization is a social entity that has a collective goal and is linked to an external environment.
    Two basic types of leadership for any organization:
    1. ONE person alone, the Leader. This again has two subtypes, Supreme Leader or not:
    a) Leader himself gets orders from another organization. Examples:
    - Army/Airforce/Navy's Commander-in-Chief gets orders from the Commander of the Armed Forces who himself gets orders from the President/King/prime-minister;
    - Catholic Chruch's Bishop leading the clergy of a particular area gets orders from Bishop leading a larger area who gets order from a Cardinal leading a larger area who gets orders from the Pope.
    b) Leader obeys himself alone: Catholic Chruch's Pope; President/King/prime-minister of a sovereign state.
    2. A GROUP of people, where decisions are taken according to some set of rules.

    Secret societies
    A secret society is a club or organization whose activities, events, and inner functioning are partly or totally concealed from non-members.
    The society may or may not attempt to conceal its existence.
    What Wikipedia conveniently forgets to mention: same as for the armed forces, large secret societies are also based on the pyramid principle.
    The degree to what things are ALSO concelead to each member depends on how high in the pyramid he is.

    Secret societies with political aims
    Wikipedia ignores the illuminati, mentions freemasonry and adds:
    - "they are illegal in several countries."
    - Poland mentioned as "where any secret political parties and political organizations are banned in its constitution".
    - the few countries where freemasonry in supposedly banned (Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea) are all ruled by illuminati puppets. In other words, the ban is nothing but illiminati theater.
    - Poland, controlled by the illuminati long before 2004, is no longer formally a sovereign state.
    One of the reasons is "coincidentally" because its constitution is meaningless since 2004, when the traitors of 25 former countries signed the EU constitution.
    Reminder: per definition citizens can obey ONE and ONLY ONE Constitution.
    Poland is now merely an EU states, having also lost the other two pillars of national independence: own currency and border's control for capital, goods and people.
    As for the illuminati no wonder it's ignored.
    Reminder: in the dedicated page Wikipedia continues to deny the existence of the illuminati, although now Google returns four times more results for illuminati than for freemasons.

    The word sect is used with two different contexts.
    1. A subgroup, offshoot of a larger religious group.
    2. Organizations that demands from its members:
    a) - to restrict contact with non-members;
    b) - to consider non-members as inferior to the members of the sect, what can go as far as to deny their human condition (untermensch or human cattle).
    The more weight a) and b) have the more sectarian the sect is.
    Although it's from this context that the word sectarian originates, Wikipedia censors this second and most important meaning.

    Illuminati sect
    No wonder: the illuminati is not only a secret society with political aims but also as sectarian as it gets in the untermensch sense.
    Reminder of the first commandment of the Illuminati religious sect: the light bearer, Lucifer, created only two basic types of people: we, the illuminati, and the human cattle, good for nothing but to be enslaved, mocked and slaughtered.

    Illuminati secret society ruled by ONE Leader alone
    Almost all secret societies are ruled by a Supreme Leader. And that is the case for ALL religious sects.
    In other words: The Illuminati secret society or ORDO ILLUMINATUS is NOT ruled by a GROUP but by ONE person alone, the Grand Master.

    Secret societies controlled by the illuminati
    Any of these secret societies does NOT deny its existence:
    - ritualistic societies from all-Yale Skull & Bones to all-male Bohemian Grove (members may supposedly invite guests to the encampment) and masonic lodges whose official members include talking heads served by mass media.
    - "discussion of issues of global concern" societies like the Bilderberg Club and Trilateral Commision.

    Who is the Leader of each of these societies?
    For ritualistic societies Illuminati's Wikipedia avoids the question for Skull & Bones or the Bohemian Grove but gives it for the oldest masonic lodge in Continental Europe, the Grand Orient de France.
    As for the Bilderberg Club, the answer is served as illuminati joke: there are as many members as leaders, the seven Chairmen of the Steering Committee.
    The members are portrayed as simple participants in the yearly conference.
    Who the leader is in fact a non-question.
    No difference from the unknown leader of Skull & Bones to Jean-Michel Quillardet, the official Great Master of the Grand Orient de France.
    ALL "leaders" get orders directly or indirectly (through another high rank illuminati member) from the Illuminati supreme leader.

    (1) Wikipedia on Secret societies

    (2) Wikipedia on secret societies with a political aim:

    (3) How things changed in 15 years - Illuminati replace Freemasonry as most widely referred secret society in the web:
    Until this millenium, when someone referred to a secret society with political goals it had almost always with freemasonry to do.
    As 1998 Last Prophet began exposing the illuminati in the "Kosovo conflict" and "Clinton impeachment" CNN forums the information about the illuminati on the web resumed to a few sites part of the illuminati web of disinfo,
    All those sites had only a few visitors a day except for illuminati-news, supposedly managed by a "swedish truth seeker" and used to discredit the truth by associating it with UFOs & Co.
    Countless disinfo sites started "exposing" or "debunking" the illuminati later, from radio-host Alex Jones to the History Channel and Hollywood films.
    Yet at the end of the day all these illuminati productions use the same basic types of diversion (from "evil jews are in control" to "aliens are among us") to self-discredit some of the truth they serve.

    (4) Wikipedia censors what a sect really is

    (5) Wikipedia on Illuminati controlled secret societies

    OBEY YOURSELF ALONE: The HISTORY of Illuminati religion'a MOST mystifying commandment, has three documented chapters:
    - 1762 by Jean Jacques Rousseau
    - 1883 by Friedrich Nietzsche
    - 2013 by the current Illuminati Supreme Leader.

    More Commandments of the illuminati religion and the origins of the Illuminati.
    It additionally illustrates how illuminati use Wikipedia to brainwash the audience.
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