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    Mayavak Vacation Package Scam

    I would like to share with you a Vacation Package scam that is circulating through North Americal currently. The company is called MAYAVAK (corporate office is called MAYAN BAY VACATIONS). This is a company that misrepresents itself as being affiliated with a group of hotel/resorts in Mexico call SANDOS. They are not affiliated with these resorts at all nor has any management team ever heard of Mayavak. MAYAVAK claims to sell cheap vacation packages to these 4-star resorts at a discounted rate of $1000. They also will add a bonus 4nights in Orlando for free (air not included). The scam is this: When you try to book a Sandos resort with them they will tell you that there is no availability at any of their resorts. However, they will say that they can "upgrade" your package to a "5-star resort" not mentioned in the original certificate of purchase called the Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda resort in the Mayan swamp. In researching, it seems that this resort might have wanted to be 5-star at one point, however ran out of money to upkeep the establishment. It is now overrun with mold, ants, and people trying to sell you timeshare. I have not followed through with the booking (since I was asked to sign immediately with a copy of my drivers license). I have talked with the management team at Sandos, and there was availability at their resorts even though I was told there was not. It is also not disclosed that you must attend a timeshare presentation. I was actually told upon purchase that I would not have to attend this.
    My family is out $1000 through lies and misrepresentation. I have not been able to call Mayavak for any explanation since they are unavailable.
    MAYAVAK - remember that name and hang up. If anyone pressures you to sign on the dotted line, it should be a red flag. Shame on me.

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    Re: Mayavak Vacation Package Scam

    This company is one of the most fraudulent developers ins the timeshare industry. The only thing you can do is cancel your timeshare contract. I recommend you to visit http://www.timesharescam.com/blog/119-timeshare-sales/, there is good information about these fraudulent companies.

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