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    What is their product? I can't figure that out about this company.

    Nor where their startup money came from - the ads spoke of "an investor" and 350 people getting $1000 or more a month... for doing what? Recruiting, as far as I can tell.

    Is it just me, or does this one have "scam" written all over it? Or am I just having a slow mind day?

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    Re: changingtheworld2gether.com

    Looks like illegal pyramid or form of cash gifting. They say that is it is separate "business", so they are not recruiting for other MLMs or schemes. They also promise you a bunch of money, for just joining in, which can only come from next layer of recruits.

    They promote concept of "Pay It Forward". So if you "help" some "good soul" get out of the debt, next recruit will help you to do the same. So we have two options: if they send money by check/wire than it is an illegal pyramid scam and if they send money stuck in FedEx boxes than it is cash gifting scam.

    They also bubling something about doing "debt-to-wealth" seminars for members in a future and charging pretty penny for it. Of cause members will be "educated" by that time and they will not fail like people from "other seminars".

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    Re: changingtheworld2gether.com

    Looks to me like they are Xango gone bad. I wonder if the company executives know about this gifting perversion of their brand?

    Page 1


    Your Business Plan for


    Page 2





    By Mark Mooney, Business Partner, Port Lincoln South Australia
    Page 3


    Your Xango ID: …………………………………………


    Password: …………………………………………

    Your Sponsor: …………………………………………

    Your Sponsors ID:……………………………………..

    Sponsor’s Phone: …………………………………………

    Email: …………………………………………

    Team Web Sit: - www.changingtheworld2gether.com


    Day - Thursday

    Time: 9pm EST USA, check time based on your time zone

    - www.timeanddate.com/worldclock

    Dial-In Number (USA) - 218-339-4300

    Pin Code/number: 133918#

    Play Back-Playback Number: (641) 715-3440--Access Code: 133918#

    Page 4


    Congratulations on making one of the biggest and best decisions of your Life! You’ve

    chosen to become part of the fastest growing business group in the Network Marketing

    industry today. Whether you are looking to supplement your existing income or develop a

    significant life changing income to completely replace what you are earning now, at

    CTWT all is possible. Locking your position into the team, you have shown the courage

    and a willingness to make a positive change to your life and that of your family and loved

    ones. It is obvious by your actions you are someone who knows and understands that

    there is a better way to live and be in a position to help others.

    The Network Marketing industry has grown dramatically over the last 50 years plus.

    Today the Industry is conducted in more than 100 countries around the world, with more

    than 56 million people participating in it. Sales have now exceeded $100 billion annually

    (Source: Direct Selling Association). Along the way, the industry has attracted the praise

    and attention of the business community and financial press. It is now well and truly

    entrenched in the every day lives of every day people like you and me and plays a vital

    role for 1000’s of businesses trying to market and move their products. As a result, the

    industry has become the last great opportunity for millions of people around the world to

    own their own business at an affordable entry cost and make a real and genuine financial

    difference in their lives.

    What makes CTWT so different? What will ensure success of its team members? By

    adopting a team approach and utilizing the specialized skills of its members, CTWT is

    growing at a phenomenal rate with hundreds being added in just the first few weeks since

    we began and thousands more coming on as the team continues to grow. Not everyone

    can be great at everything, but by bringing a large group of people together, it is then

    possible to leverage off their individual skills. There are hundreds of ways our members

    contribute to the overall success of the team and there is always something big or small

    that every one can do. Combine this team approach with the awesome Power of One and

    it is easy to see why CTWT is re-writing the history of Network Marketing.

    The key to success in CTWT is to get connected and remain focused on that burning

    desire to succeed. This Business Plan is designed to help you do this. It will guide you

    through the set up phase, help you get connected at all the right places and put you on

    track to becoming a productive and highly valuable team member. It is vital that you

    follow the initial process. Do not skip any steps. Most important is to take action. This is

    your business. This guide is the key to your future financial freedom. Grab hold and start

    running with it. Your success is in your hands.

    I wish you all the best with your business and look forward to working with you as we

    build this team. We are a team and as such you are never alone. Together we will

    change the world and it all starts with you. I am just so glad you decided to join us to

    lend a helping hand.

    Page 5




    Millions of people have been successful in this industry without university degrees. As a

    matter of fact, many of the highest income earners in the industry never even finished

    school. Network Marketing is like no other business, the rules are different, and it is very

    possible to grow a large and very profitable business without credentials or degrees.


    You do not need to have industry experience to succeed. Actually it is preferable if you

    come into this business without any preconceived ideas or bad habits. We do things a

    little different and so long as you are willing to learn and follow a system then industry

    experience is just not needed.


    It is sad to say, but not everyone is ready for success. We all want it, but not all people

    are ready to do what it takes. So many people are prepared to remain victims of their own

    lack of vision and lack of courage. Don’t be surprised if your family and friends don’t see

    the opportunity at first. It is difficult for most people to open their minds. They have

    been preprogrammed to accept what life has given them. Unfortunately, the timing for

    these people is just not right. Don’t take their rejection personally. They are not rejecting

    you, rather the idea of change and just how scary change can be. By succeeding yourself,

    you can help them see that there is more to life and like you, they too can achieve their

    dreams. Lead by example and show them the way. Don’t let their initial reaction get you

    down. Not everyone will “get it” at first. But that’s OK. This is your business, and your

    dreams, don’t let others take it away from you.


    Many times when a new member joins this business, they will receive advice from

    friends, family or other people who have never been in the industry or owned their own

    business. If you want to grow crops for food, you ask a farmer. If you want to learn to fly

    a plane you ask a pilot. If you want to grow a successful network marketing business you

    ask someone who has done it. This is where your team can help and guide you along the

    way. Your team is made up of a group of highly successful and driven people whose

    own business success depends on your success.

    Page 6


    Don’t make the mistake thinking that you have to know the business inside out, or have a

    high level of understanding about the product. Our team concept means you can get

    started right away. Starting can be as simple as sending an email, spending 30 minutes a

    night working on traffic exchanges, blogging, or fulfilling any number of volunteer duties.

    Don’t make the crucial mistake of “Getting ready to get ready to start” Do this and you

    will never start. You must take action, because the faster you start, the faster your life

    starts changing for the better,




    To effectively grow your business and make a real contribution, you will need to find 5-

    10 hours per week minimum. This is your chance to really get started with your business

    and generate some leverage early on. Remember that this is your business and the time

    and effort your put in now will keep paying you back year after year.

    Initially, we do not recommend that you quit your day job. Instead, continue what you

    are doing and build your business in addition to that. However, this is a business and no

    business can grow and be profitable if the owners do not do the necessary work. You will

    need to remain focused, be prepared for the ups and downs, and most importantly… be

    prepared to put the necessary effort in to secure your financial future.


    It’s a fact of life that we are all busy. With only 24 hours in a day it almost seems

    impossible to take on more. To achieve success with your new business, you will need to

    find a minimum of 5-10 hours per week. You will need to find that time, 1-2 hours per

    day to work your business. In order to maintain your commitment to yourself, your

    family and your financial future, you will need to discover what it is that is driving you to

    succeed. What is your BURNING DESIRE? Once you know what this is, it will keep

    you working, driving you forward. You must never lose sight of your desire. Keep going

    until you achieve your goal. Everyone’s desire is different. It may be earning a few extra

    dollars to help around the home, better health, more money to give to your local church

    or charity, or to fire your boss. Maybe it’s all of these and more. Dare to dream big.

    Whatever your reason, you must work it out, become passionate - have a burning desire

    and go for it.

    Page 7


    Getting your head right and being able to think in a clear and positive way can be so

    difficult for so many people. We are trained and conditioned to think a certain way,

    usually negative. It’s a fact that we attract what we believe in. Like the person who is

    always saying how poor they are, he keeps getting bills or gets laid off from work. The

    man who is so afraid of getting sick before he goes on holidays…. Guess what, you

    create it with your thoughts. Being positive is something we all need to work constantly

    at, we need to re-train ourselves.

    There are a lot of people out there just waiting to tell you your business will not work.

    They will tell you how you are mad, to give it up before you embarrass yourself. Don’t

    let their negativity stop you from reaching your dreams. Rise above it higher and higher

    till your achieve what you want in life, not what others think you deserve.

    Self development and working a little each day on maintaining a positive attitude will

    reward you in the long run. It will put you in a better mood and make the world seem

    like a better place. Try it for yourself, just walk around smiling for 1 hour and see what

    effect it has on you and those around you.


    You will soon discover that many of the rules, methods and systems that work in other

    business and industries like sales, marketing, and the corporate world do not necessarily

    work in Network Marketing. As such, the vast majority of people coming into this

    industry need to learn and be prepared to try different things in order to succeed. We have

    so many proven leaders and people within our group who have the knowledge and skills

    to succeed. As a team all this experience and learning is there for you, take advantage of

    it, use it and watch the remarkable difference it will make.


    This is the most critical point and has been proven to be the biggest reason why people

    fail in business. So often people join a business or group and fail to take immediate action.

    They sit around “getting ready to get ready”. Next thing you know they are sitting around

    making excuses why their business has failed. This is your business and it is up to you to

    make it work. The team concept will provide all the information, tools, learning and

    experience to make it a success, but at the end of the day, YOU NEED TO TAKE

    ACTION. Are you prepared to do what needs to be done to secure your financial future,

    to provide security and safety for your family and loved ones? Then make a start and

    make it now. Work through this Business Plan; don’t skip parts, do it all and you are on

    your way to success.

    Page 8

    PART 1




    This step should have already been completed; you may have completed the application

    form on line, over the phone or face to face with the person who sponsored you. As long

    as you have a User ID number and Password, then this is done and your position in the

    team has been locked in. To complete the enrollment process you will need to sign the

    Xango Distributor Agreement confirming acceptance of the Terms & Conditions, and

    return the original document to Xango. The document can either be posted or faxed:

    By Post - Xango, LLC

    PO Box 900

    Lehi, UT 84043

    By Fax - 1 800 008 286

    Telephone - Corporate Office - USA - 801 816 8000

    Australia - 1 800 010 524


    One of the most important things about your business is the ADP. This ensures you never

    run out of product and that you qualify for any commissions you have earned. This

    product purchase acts as the engine room to keep the business alive. We are in the

    business of building a network of consumers. Without product purchase there is no

    business. Your purchase will enable you to see for yourself the health benefits of being

    on the product and will allow you to have your own story to tell. It also provides you

    with samples to share with friends and family.

    With the majority of Network Marketing companies you are required to make an initial

    purchase of product or starter kit. In most cases this costs is $400 - $1700. Here at

    CTWT, there is no initial kit to purchase, you pay $35 (US Dollars) to lock in your

    position and that’s it. To start earning commissions you need to be on ADP and have a

    downline below you. We recommend that you start off with 1 case (4 bottles) and as your

    business grows you can increase this. The cost per box is US$127 (or approximately

    $145 Australian depending on the exchange rate. This includes shipping). One case per

    month should be the minimum purchase. Without this you will not be able to see the

    health benefits, share this great product, or be eligible for commissions.

    If the purchase of one box of product does not sit well with you, think of it as rent. Every

    business has ongoing costs such as wages, payroll, insurance and the list goes on. With

    CTWT the only guaranteed monthly cost is your ADP and a small weekly contribution to

    assist with marketing costs ($5 per week).

    Page 9

    To set up your ADP, you will need to telephone Xango on the phone number listed above.

    The customer service staff will take you through the set up and ensure you will receive

    your monthly product. This step is vital to get your business going and ensure your

    success as part of the team. Please ensure you complete this step before proceeding.


    Once you have your ID number and Password, and you have completed setting up your

    ADP, you will want to go to your Xango Back Office and have a look around. The

    official back office has been established to allow you to track your business, see your

    down line and related information (ie who is on ADP, contact details etc). You can also

    look up details on the product; listen to stories from other leaders, training, and a host of

    reporting options. You can see details of your commission payments, and change your

    password, plus a whole lot more. This is a complete package which will enable you to

    monitor and track your business.

    To Log In to Xango Back Office go to - http://www.myxango.com.au (for countries other

    than Australia please refer to your Sponsor).

    Once you have logged in, bookmark the site. Make sure you visit your back office

    regularly to become familiar with the options and layout.

    PART 2



    One of the key elements to the success of CTWT is the team building concept. To truly

    become part of the team you need to Get Connected ASAP. It is vital that you complete

    this step before moving on. It is here that you will communicate with other team

    members, learn what is needed to succeed, share ideas and keep up to date with progress

    of the team and any changes that occur from time to time. To ensure maximum

    availability of information, training and communication, please complete the following

    steps before going any further:


    A Social Net Working site has been established, entry is by invitation only and is

    exclusive to distributors. Once you have joined the network (details on how to, listed

    below), you will need to complete your personal profile. This profile lets other team

    members know who you are, your interests, skills, where you come from etc. It is a great

    way to get to know all the others on the team from all round the world. The site also

    contains recordings of the weekly teleconference, extensive training, self development

    tools and a whole range of information to help grow your business.

    Of particular importance, is the Volunteer Group which has been set up to organize the

    members by their different interests and skills and to fulfill the need for certain tasks.

    Without these tasks getting done the team cannot move forward. Take the time to look

    Page 10

    through all the groups, talk to the team members and select a group (or several) to join.

    This way you will be contributing to the Team effort in a way you can enjoy.

    The social site is a key area which you need to visit on a daily basis so you can stay up to

    date. To request your invitation, email Rick Meywes (CTWT Founder), letting him know

    you are now on the team and have completed all the above steps. Request to be added to

    the CTWT Social Network.

    Rick Meywers email - stormnut2008@gmail.com

    Phone - 1 828 3380109 (USA phone number)


    Once a week a teleconference is held to update everyone on the team, pass on

    information and to give a progress report. The conference is open to all team members.

    The conference is accessed by telephone; details of phone number and pin number are

    located on the Social Site and also detailed on page 2 of this document. As usual, if you

    have problems locating the phone number, contact your sponsor or ask someone on the

    social site.

    The easiest way to log into the conference call is using Skype. This is a computer

    program which enables you to make calls, send text messages, start and log into

    conference calls and conference chat rooms plus a whole range of other business building

    activities. With the addition of a microphone, you can make calls around the world at an

    incredibly low cost (need to purchase call funds, say $20 to make phone calls, this will

    last you months and months… all other activities and functions are free) Calls to other

    Skype users worldwide are free.

    Skype is Free to download, just go to: www.skype.com

    Complete this step before you move on, this is a vital tool

    which is used extensively.


    Several conference chat sessions have been set up on Skype. These are used to stay in

    direct contact with team members, share ideas, discuss and answer any questions and in

    general, to allow team members to communicate live and get to know each other. To gain

    access you need to have your Skype installed. Once this is completed, request an

    invitation to the conference chat from your sponsor.


    The newsletter is again used to share information, success stories and updates on what is

    happening in the business and within the group. To subscribe, go to the following link

    and register your details:

    Page 11

    Subscribe to Newsletter - www.ctw2gether.com/subscribe.htm5) YOU’RE SPONSOR - UPLINE

    Details of your Sponsor can be found in your BackOffice. However it is most likely that

    your sponsor will contact you ASAP. It is very important to communicate with your up-

    line. They are responsible to ensure you are set up correctly and will be there to answer

    any questions or at least point you in the right direction. Once you have completed all the

    above steps, send an email to your sponsor to let him know you are now ready to start

    building your business. Seek advice from your sponsor on any matter that concerns you

    or for advice on how you can get started and contribute to the team.

    PART 3



    Fantastic, if you have reached this stage then you are well on your way to making a

    massive change to your life and that of your family and loved ones. The success of your

    business and how fast you can achieve long term success is directly related to your Drive,

    Passion and Commitment.

    The following are the basic requirements a team member needs to commit to achieve

    long term success. By committing to these you are setting yourself up for success and a

    better life. It all takes time and effort but by following the system, staying connected and

    driving your Desire to achieve your goals, you will get there. The following are the six

    key activities you need you need to commit to. Please read and understand all six points.

    When you are ready to commit to your financial future and work your business, forward a

    copy of the following to Rick via email confirming your commitment to the team, this

    way the team can commit to helping you achieve your goals:

    Page 12

    I_______________________ am making a commitment to my sponsor, the CTWT team

    and most importantly to me and my family, to follow all of the following and to peruse

    my business to the best of my abilities. I will be an active team member and will work

    my business with a positive attitude at all times.

    I hereby commit that I will:

    1) Use the product on a daily basis and maintain my ADP. I will promote that

    product when every opportunity arises.

    2) Will stay connected to the Team system, and actively be involved in discussions,

    conference calls, chat rooms and in general share ideas and be a productive

    member of the team.

    3) Will commit _________ hours per week to work my business. This time will be

    spent doing productive work promoting my business.

    4) Maintain contact with both my up-line and down-line. I will assist both as

    required and make myself available when needed.

    5) I will devote 30 minutes every day to Self Development.

    6) I will do the right thing at all times (tell the truth, be honest to all team members,

    promote the business in an ethical manner, show compassion and integrity at all

    times both with my business and in my personal life).

    I Commit to these principles and agree that I will work my business in a professional

    manner and that I will be here one year from now.


    Name of Team Member -

    Date -


    Cut and paste the above and email to Rick Meywes at - stormnut2008@gmail.com

    Page 13

    PART 4



    To achieve anything in life we first need to know what it is we want…… Ask yourself

    the following questions then, write down your answers. Be honest with yourself and

    don’t hold back:

    Why did I join CTWT?

    What do I want to get out of being a team member in CTWT, write down your

    key goals i.e. money, more time with the family, better health, fire your boss, a

    few extra dollars per week…. List them in order of importance.

    1. -

    2. -

    3. -

    4. -

    5. -

    What is the most important thing I want to get out of being in this business?

    How would achieving these goals change my world?

    What would it mean if I could not achieve these goals, would I still be happy in

    12 months time if nothing changed?

    What impact would not achieving my goals have on my family?

    What am I prepared to do to achieve my goals?

    The above questions will let you know what is most important to you, it will highlight

    your Desire and Passion, and it will guide you and help you remain focused. By

    remaining focused on your business you will be able to set your goals and watch as they

    come to life. It is critical you work out what it is you want from life, work out your

    Burning Desire, write it out and carry it with you as a reminder why you are working so

    hard, pushing yourself, going without TV or some other activity for 10 hours per week.

    CTWT has all the tools, expertise, systems and leverage to help you achieve any goal you

    desire. The only missing piece now is YOU. This is the time to work out your goals and

    desires and start work to achieve them.

    To work your business correctly, you will need to find 5-10 hours per week. For some

    people this might mean taking time away from family activities. For others it simply

    means watching less TV…… It is strongly suggested that if you are in a family situation,

    Page 14

    you discuss your business with the family. Let them know that you may not be able to

    spend as much time on family activities, that you need to focus on your business. Let

    them know that the rewards in 6-12 months time will be great and that the whole family

    will benefit from a little sacrifice in the short term. Involve your family, there are many

    things all family members can do (young & old). Discuss this with your sponsor and

    work out a plan that includes the family.

    This is your chance to build something very special. This is something that will benefit

    you and your family for many years. Work out your Burring Desire, stay focused and

    don’t loose sight of what you really want to achieve. It is there, you just have to reach

    out and grab it.

    PART 5



    WOW, right now you are probably saying to yourself, this is so much work. I don’t

    know if I can do this. My favorite show is about to come on TV, the dog needs a bath,

    bla bla bla…… NOW IS THE TIME to re-visit your Burning Desire. Take out that piece

    of paper and read it. Read it again. Stay focused and motivated. Remember why you

    have started your own business and what it will mean to you and your family in 6-12

    months time. And while you are at it, spare a thought for those poor people who have

    started a traditional business… months to set up (not a few hours…..), spending

    thousands of dollars, hiring staff, finding just the right shop front or office, insurance,

    accounting and report set up and on and on and on….. This is a great industry and offers

    so many benefits over traditional businesses.

    OK so you are now back on track and ready to go!!!!!!

    The way CTWT grows is very simple. We show a large group of people what it is all

    about, share the concept, answer their questions, they join the team and the process just

    keeps repeating. So how do we achieve this, how do we get our message out to millions

    of people? Within the CTWT team we have access to many people who all have different

    skills. Some are great at designing web pages, some at marketing, some at administration,

    others at just helping out with the little things. There is something there for everyone no

    matter what skills you have, what your level of education is or where you come from.

    This business is all about getting the word out. Success revolves around getting a large

    group of people to do a few simple actions over a consistent period of time.

    The key is for you to get connected with the system and the team and work out what is

    right for you. What can you contribute? I recommend that you take your time and visit

    all the volunteer groups in the Social Network. Talk to the other team members; get

    Page 15

    involved in the chat rooms. Once you have worked out what you can do, make the

    commitment and work your business. This will take time but just remember that it is vital

    that you get involved and contribute as a matter of urgency. This is how the team grows,

    which will directly impact the growth and profitability of your own individual business.

    The system currently being used is to drive people to our Team Web Site -

    www.changingtheworld2gether.comTo achieve this, we have set up a range of marketing activities, some complicated some

    very simple. You can find out all the details in the Social Network. It will take you some

    time to understand and work out what is right for you. Don’t let yourself get down. Now

    is not the time to give up. Revisit your Desire and forge ahead.

    In the mean time, start sharing the opportunity straight away. It is recommended that you

    write down a list of all the people you know. Have a look at your email address book –

    friends, family, work, colleges etc. Send them a very simple email letting them know you

    have started your own business and are looking for other quality people to join you. DO

    NOT TRY TO EXPLAIN THE BUSINESS! That is what the web page is for. Give them

    the CTWT web page so they can have a look. If they are interested or have questions,

    have them complete the information box on the web page. Someone within the group

    will call them and answer their questions (the power of the team at work….). This is a

    simple process which will allow you to contribute straight away while you are working

    out your schedule. It will also allow you to let your friends and family know that you are

    serious about changing your life and that you would like them to join you. Keep in mind

    that not all people are ready for change. Remember what we talked about earlier at the

    beginning of this business plan. If you receive rejection, it is not you they are rejecting

    but the thought of change… They are not ready just yet.

    If you have skipped any of the above steps, please go back now and complete them all.

    This is a process or system. If you do not complete all parts, how can the system work to

    its maximum capacity? Take control, focus on your personal desire, get connected with

    the team and success will follow.

    OK, time to get to work on your future…..

    The fact that you have reached this stage, clearly demonstrates you are serious about

    changing your life, taking the steps needed to secure your financial future and provide a

    better life for your family. This is just the beginning. As a team we can all grow and

    prosper together and truly help Change the World Together - one person at a time.

    Page 16



    CTWT home web page -


    Rick Meywers e-mail - stormnut2008@gmail.com

    Phone - 1 828 3380109 (USA phone number)

    Subscribe to Newsletter -


    Skype is Free to download, just go to: www.skype.com

    To Log Inn to Xango Back Office - www.myxango.com.au

    (For countries other than Australia please refer to your Sponsor).

    World Time Zone calculator -


    Head office contact Details:

    By Post -

    Xango, LLC

    PO Box 900

    Lehi, UT 84043

    By Fax -

    1 800 008 286

    Telephone - Corporate Office - USA - 801 816 8000

    Australia - 1 800 010 524

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