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    Is Crowd Surf a scam?

    Hi: I recently came across an ad for a company called Crowd Surf that claims to pay people for doing freelance transcription work from home. Having never heard of the company I'm wondering if it is legitimate. So, my questions are: Is Crowd Surf a scam? Has anyone worked for them before? If so, what was your experience like? If anyone out there could answer my questions, I would be very grateful. The company's website is:www.crowdsurfwork.com Thanks, amitt

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    Re: Is Crowd Surf a scam?

    I can't sign up for it because you need to be a member of Amazon's Mechanical Turk. Since, I'm not American, Amazon denied my application. I guess if you want to do that type of thing, you should work for Amazon and have access to more jobs. I don't think you'd have much issue with Amazon paying you.

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    Re: Is Crowd Surf a scam?

    It is because of their country restrictions that am not able to signup to the site. But after reading some several reviews about the site, I think it might be trusted.

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