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    Mathew Charnay Scam - iNDEXOR Scam - iGROW Global Commerce Summit Scam

    Mathew Charnay Wanted by LAPD for stealing from companies. On January 9th 2014 LAPD officers entered the 23rd floor of the 10250 Constellation Place in Century City, CA 90067 to arrest Mathew Charnay but once again he disppeard from the law. Be aware and do not do any kind of business with the conman and scam artist Mathew Charnay. Be aware and do not do any kind of business with iGROW Global Commerce Summit and iNDEXOR, Inc. International Development Expansion Organization and also with the iGROW Global Commerce Summit that are run by the conman Mathew Charnay. If you have been a victim of the scam artist Mathew Charnay and if you have any information about where Mathew Charnay is, you should contact Los Angeles Police department at 818-623-4016. LAPD special detective is looking to arrest scam artist Mathew Charnay. The following company name and phone numbers has been used by the conman Mathew Charnay. iNDEXOR, Inc.International Development Expansion Organization United States Headquarters Constellation Place 10250 Constellation Place, 23rd Floor Century City, CA 90067 Phone: +1 (310) 770-4836 +1 (310) 579-2199 CENTURY CITY +1 (917) 447-9160 NEW YORK +1 (888) 342-5202 FAX Email: [email protected] [email protected] iNDEXOR, GIE International Development Expansion Organization FRANCE, EUROPE Paris, France 31 Boulevard de Grenelle Paris, Île-de-France, 75015, France Phone: +33 9 77 19 88 04 PARIS and also iGROW Global Commerce Summit is one of the Mathew Charnay's scams.
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    Re: Mathew Charnay Scam - iNDEXOR Scam - iGROW Global Commerce Summit Scam

    Mathew Brandon Charnay is a scam artist wanted in several countries in Europe and in the United States. He committed various frauds for almost ten years. He disappeared and ran away from the American police in 2014.


    This same article was on the website Ripoff Report before it closed.


    Mathew Brandon Charnay's most common frauds :

    - make fraudulent checks; several trials in the US are pending for this.
    - he impersonates people by falsifying documents to open different accounts, including requests for credits...
    - looking for investors in a fake project in Africa, pretending that he has gold mines there to scam and steal potential rich investors;
    - publish fake announcements on Airbnb and then scam customers. He still practicing that in the US remotely with one complice who lives in California;
    - he uses websites similar to Craiglist to rent flats that do not belong to him;
    - it seems that he is also sometimes a drug mule;
    - he is a scrounger who takes advantage of the kindness of people.

    Some links about the conman Mathew Brandon Charnay from Los Angeles :



    Be aware if you cross Mathew Brandon Charnay or if you know someone who crosses him. Do not make any kind of business with him. He is very manipalor, dishonest, without any scruples, completely broke and ready to do everything for a dime. He seduces people with his charisma and his permanent cheerfulness, especially single naive women. He always manage to be fed and lodged by people pretending that he will repay them later and he finally steals them (money, belongings...)

    Mathew Brandon Charnay owns at least 20 SIM cards from different countries and different passports with several names.
    His presentation is neat, despite worn clothes and accessories. He often wears a blue Armani suits.

    Mathew Brandon Charnay's linkedIn : (Most of his CV is fake and he is referring to fake companies on LinkedIn.)


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