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    Songs that touch your life

    Music inspires. Music touches. This thread is to promote and embrace the songs that have touched your life.

    My #1 is Angel Eyes, I'll never let you go.- Steelheart. I am doing the lyrics, offical YOUTUBE and my dearest friend's rendition of my favorite and most painful & powerful song that puts me in tears and smiles at the same time.

    Here's my dearest friends church version:

    ANGEL EYES MP3 - Never Let you Go!

    I could type for days on this song but having sung to me got me out of a depression rut!

    What is the song that touched your life? Post lyrics or youtube or both
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    Re: Songs that touch your life

    Hosanna is one of my favorite songs. Written and sung by Brooke Fraser of Hillsong. The message is very inspiring and has two meanings. The first being, Hosanna which means Help or save us which is when we call out to GOD to ask for help. The second denotes worship to GOD and glorifying his name. Here is the Video.

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