Is the Illuminati behind all this talk about them? I read a book about the Illuminati yesterday and like most other books dealing with the Illuminati, it contained a little truth in it, lots of biographical data about the Rothschilds, and talk about Crypto-Jews like Hitler and Bush [I found that funny] but the real 'thing' was it was just an anti-Semitic piece of trash. Are Jews [the average Samuel and Moses] responsible for WW1 and WW2? That's rubbish. Are all Jews wealthy and always planning [in the darkest hours of the night] to take over the world? Aren't most Jews just ordinary guys like you and me, facing the same problems we are facing? Why is it that no one feels it's wrong anymore to talk about Jews in a negative way and accuse them of being pedophiles? Shouldn't we judge people individually and not as 'race' [if Jew is a race] by their deeds? So question, is who is going to benefit from this campaign to besmirch the Jews as the root cause of all global problems? The Catholic church?