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    UNDENIABLE fact: 10 BASIC questions NEVER MENTIONED in EU/US media IMMEDIATELY reveals illuminati TOTAL control of politics, "justice", media, economy

    UNDENIABLE fact that these 10 BASIC questions were ** NEVER ** MENTIONED in EU/US media IMMEDIATELY reveals illuminati TOTAL control
    How easy it is to see how illumianti TOTALLY of politics, "justice", media, economy and "science".
    For each subject, choose any alternative question you want.

    Question 1. 11 September 2001, ritual mass murder, from bombs on the 80th floor to mini-nukes at the basement:
    911 Official story: aluminium planes cut through steel like a knife through butter.
    If the wings span would be wider the WTC towers would have been sectioned in two, causing the upper part to immediately collapse.
    - Can aluminium cut through steel (not to mention hollow aluminium planes on 911)?
    - How was it possible that if the 911 "planes" were wider (or the WTC towers narrower) they would have cut each tower in two, causing the section above the "impact" to immediately collapse?

    Question 2. Rigged Elections: two basic types: obvious (e-vote) and less obvious (paper)
    - If "Mitt Romney" got 57.8 million votes then why was his largest rally attended by 2,200 people?
    Note: Daytona Beach rally not taken in account, since 80% of the 7,000 audience were Biktober Festival participants lured with free drinks and food.
    - why did all polls published in the media predict a "head to head race, undecided until election day", when anyone doing its own poll can check that less than 5% of people intended to or voted for "Mitt Romney"?
    - If "Angela Merkel" got 18.1 million votes then why was her largest rally attended by 2,700 people?

    Question 3. Evolution Theory Hoax: Ice Age Theory Hoax
    The mammoths froze within hours at boreal latitudes - this is now an UNDENIABLE FACT. So:
    - why does "Science" continue to teach students all sorts of "facts" that are INCOMPATIBLE with this?

    Question 4. Evolution Theory Hoax: evolution of species
    - Who appeared first: chicken or egg, man or woman?
    - How was it possible for each and every species that female and male appeared at the same time?
    - how was it possible that each of the astronomically high number of times that supposedly the female (or male) evolved, the male (or female) simultaneously evolved the one and only way to become the PERFECT match to ensure both reproduction and survival of the fittest?

    Question 5. Rigged state lotteries
    TV "drawings":
    - Why is the number of lottery jackpot "winners" NOT announced immediately after?
    - why isn't the public allowed to watch?
    - why do the odds for each "drawn" combination decrease with the increase of the jackpot sum, or in other words with the number of bets?
    Jackpot "Winners":
    - why only exceptionally do they get a public face? Reminder: almost all winners of Spain's El Gordo, world's largest lottery drawn in public, don't remain anonymous.
    - why do almost all "winners" who get a public face state that they don't want to change their lifestyle, starting by their house, because they love the neighbors and so on?

    Question 6. European Union states: National Accounts ... without control of borders.
    PER DEFINITION National Accounts refer to the country's borders. Example: GDP is the product produced within a country's borders. That's why there's no such thing as California's GDP or Florida's balance of trade.
    The same is now valid for any EU state because Control of borders inside the EU was abolished years ago. So:
    - Why does the EU (not to mention each EU "country") continue to use National Accounts indicators for each EU state, starting with Gross domestic product (GDP), going as far as to use them to impose sanctions on EU states?
    - How can the national accounts for each and every EU state continue to respect the basic equation [Production = Income = Expenditure], if that is IMPOSSIBLE per defintion once there is no control of borders?

    Question 7. Ritual murder of Princess Diana, Prince William's refusal to be King
    The real photos of Princess Diana after the crash were published in 2004. So:
    - Why did everyone (french and UK gov, media, doctor in charge) immediately after the death announce that Diana suffered horrible injuries?
    - Why did it take 7 years to deny this lie?
    - Was Diana disfigured in the ambulance or in the hospital?
    - Who disfigured Princess Diana?
    Diana's older son, the alternative start point:
    - why was Prince William's decision to refuse to become King in an interview to Start magazine reported by nobody else?
    - why was Prince William never questioned about his 2001 decision to refuse to become King?

    Question 8. Black is white: naming freedom fighters: Afghanistan is the ultimate example.
    The MUJAHIDEEN is an afghan guerrilla army of tens of thousands of men and women.
    They were fighting the Taliban until 2001 and restarted fighting in 2002, this time against NATO, one year after NATO installed puppet Karzai.
    The proof are the thousands of videos of attacks against NATO that the MUJAHIDEEN have posted to the internet.
    On the other hand the Taliban has a bureau at Doha, Qatar and media regularly reports about "peace talks" with Karzai, the puppet installed by NATO in 2001.
    There is NO Taliban fighting NATO on the ground in Afghanistan.
    The proof is again the TOTAL absence of any Taliban videos documenting attacks against NATO.
    - why is the Taliban or "suicide bombers" credited each time that media reports an attack against NATO in Afghanistan?
    - why hasnt the name of the organizaton fighting NATO for now a decade been mentioned even once?

    Question 9..
    More than 50% of the REAL suicides are caused by gambling.
    If you question the 50% number, then just think about this:
    - the simple fact that NOT ONE single case of suicide caused by gambling has ever been reported by mass media shows how high the REAL number is.
    - as we are now in illuminati overtime, both the absolute number of gambling addicts and the relative number of those who lost all HOPE to continue to gamble due to lack of cash drastically increase.
    So do the chances that YOU personally know a gambler who lost ALL HOPE to be able to continue to gamble.
    So, independently of how high the number is, the undeniable question remains:
    - Why haven't you ever heard ONE single case reported by illuminati media?

    911 2001 is too important to not include a second related question:
    Question 10. 911 2011: terrorize the audience: openly tell who did it, from the beginning:
    - WTC 7, 911 2011: is there any evidence whatsoever that it was NOT a controlled demolition?

    Syria is too important to forget about it. Make it the extra 11th question:
    Question 11. World War III: Illuminati bombing 99% of the population: Acceptance of use of chenical weapons against the revolting population.
    Assad for now two and half years bombing ALL syrian cities:
    - airforce jets, tanks and since late 2012 also chemical weapons,
    - using Iran's Ahmadinejad, Iraq's Maliki and Hezbollah butchers,
    - causing millions of refugees to flee,
    - against the freedom fighters armed only with machine guns and rocket launchers.
    The first questions:
    - who made possible this unprecedented war, not days but years long aerial bombings and repeated chemical attacks of a clique supported by foreign mercenaries against its own people?
    - who gave Assad the chemical weapons, originally obviously meant to be used against Jews?

    Despite all this, Assad's mercenaries only managed to "conquer" one city near the Lebanese border, Al-Qusair, by reducing it to rubble with aerial bombings, after all people dead or gone.
    - why was all media reporting that Assad reversed the trend of the war and was about to win?

    August 21 2013, Assad is surrounded at Damascus.
    - how comes Assad was able to launch the deadliest chemical attack in History against civilians, at the Damascus suburbs?

    September 2013: Assad finally confesses not only to have chemical weapons but also to have weapons capable of destroying Israel in seconds.
    - why was Assad rewarded with membership at the Chemical Weapons Treaty, for lying about the possession of chemical weapons until shortly after he launched the deadliest chemical attack in History against civilians?
    - why is there no reaction to Putin's announcement that he will send russian troops to Syria?
    - why is the Israeli government oprtimist about "Putin's peace plan" for Syria, the same way it was optimist about "Kerry's peace plan for Palestine"?

    Question 12. Open borders for millions of immigrants as unemployment kept rising
    why were the borders open for millions of immigrants (fake war on illegals exposed by immigration data alone) although more and more natives could no longer find work?

    Question 1. 11 September 2001, ritual mass murder, from bombs on the 80th floor to mini-nukes at the basement:
    See images of how aluminium "airplanes" cutted through massive steel at:

    Question 2. Rigged Elections: two basic types: obvious (e-vote) and less obvious (paper)
    You still can test for yourself how many votes did Romney really get:

    How Merkel's votes are multiplied by THREE - same way as REAL number of dead NATO mercenaries is divided by 100.
    Sept 29, 2013: Portugal and Bulgaria "election" same as Germany one week earlier: votes multiplied by three by simply concealing results for each ballot box and publishing only aggregate results
    How illuminati rig elections where people still count votes: Germany, UK, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece: ALWAYS the SAME BASIC TRICK

    Question 3. Evolution Theory Hoax: add whatever "theories" required, ignore any incompatibilities with previous "theories" or with any new evidence:
    Example: Ice Age Theory and frozen mammoths:
    The earth is currently in an interglacial, and the last glacial period ended about 10,000 years ago.
    All that remains of the continental ice sheets are the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets and smaller glaciers such as on Baffin Island.


    Question 4. Evolution Theory Hoax: evolution of species:
    Evolution Theory Hoax is based on the instantaneous magic of BANGS to explain the origins of the universe or of life:
    - the first BIG BANG created the universe;
    - another BANG created the first living species on Earth, from where ALL species come from, in a morphism involving an astronomically high number X of stages to reach all present and extinct species.
    So apparently no more magic BANGS required.

    The problem is that the reproduction of almost all species requires two genders, male and female, that MUST match 100% each other.
    So actually evolution also requires the astronomically high number of X BANGS that supposedly kept the 100% match between male and female for each species during the "billions of years" of evolution.
    The problem is solved by simply NEVER EVER posing any of the three related basic questions stated in text.

    Question 5. Rigged state lotteries

    Question 6. European Union states: National Accounts ... without control of borders.
    Portugal's maritime waters are the largest (one million sq km) and richest in wild fisheries among EU states.
    Yet now 90% of the production in terms of market value can't be included in Portugal's "GDP".
    NONE of this is computed:
    1. Catches by fishing fleets based on other EU states, although they account for 80% of the production:
    - catches sold in other EU states or in any other country for that matter. For instance 60% of the tuna fished in the Azores waters is exported to Japan by such companies.
    - salaries paid;
    - corporate profits.
    All this also means in terms os Portugal's budget ZERO € of value added taxes from these catches.

    2. Fishing fleets based in Portugal:
    - catches sold in other EU states.

    Question 7. Ritual murder of Princess Diana, Prince William's refusal to be King

    Question 8. Black is white: naming freedom fighters: Afghanistan is the ultimate example.
    BASIC difference between Nazi Sixth Army in Stalingrad 1942 and NATO in Afghanistan 2012 - this time illuminati do not pretend to be on opposite sides:

    Question 9..
    Last Prophet's reply, 09/22/2013 10:08 AM, to
    Reality Check: UK Violent Death Rate Substantially Higher Than US:
    Talk of violent death rate:
    here is one rate (50%) that is nearly the same in the USA, UK, or any other EU or G20 state for that matter:
    Totally rigged state sponsored GAMBLING: the TWO basic facts ...

    Question 10. 911 2011: terrorize the audience: openly tell who did it, from the beginning:
    9/11 CLEAR Video of WTC Building 7 Controlled Demolition
    Last Prophet's words from 2006:
    reply from 23 Sep 2006, 21:54 PM:
    World Trade Center 7 - Controlled Demolition

    Question 11. World War III: Illuminati bombing 99% of the population: Acceptance of use of chemical weapons against the revolting population.
    Syria: deadliest chemical attack in History against civilians:Illuminati black is white: the *** ONE *** basic fact
    Last Prophet's words August 27 2013, one week after:
    Search for Syria at:
    COMPLETE LIST of illuminati TV 'news' stations: know EACH and EVERY television broadcaster station selling nothing but LIES

    Question 12. Open borders politics despite increasing unemployment
    Agenda of having ethnic minorities reach the critical mass required to sucessfully supervise the race war, scripted to start with the BIG BANG, 2014.

    Parallel scripts
    Having TWO popes for the first time ever with "Francis" detonating first is part of these two parallel scripts:
    1. - "fake suicide bomber Obama stripped";
    2. - Hitlery Clinton empowered 9 years after her younger sister Angela Hitler, known as "Merkel" the first woman ever chanceller of Germany.
    Example of another script solely meant as parallelism to Hillary/Angela: first time ever two brothers as Superbowl coaches.
    As for the scripted 31-13 score for the very last Superbowl in USA History, it connects both scripts: Obama (31) reversed by one of the two sisters, more precisely Hillary (13).

    END OF THE USA script follows the BIG BANG
    BIG BANG: what will happen from Feb 1 to May 1 2014
    Janet Yellen vs Ben Bernanke - the ONE BASIC difference - BIG BANG for dummies

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    The only conspiracy that matters is the one denying this

    Daily Telegraph, 16 June 2015:
    "Conspiracy theories used to be so easy.
    Youd have your mate who, after a few beers, would tell you that the moon landings were faked or that the Illuminati controlled everything or that the US government was holding alien autopsies in Area 51.
    And youd be able to dismiss this because it was all rubbish.

    These lines mock these two basic facts:
    1. The only conspiracy that matters is the one denying this:
    How many governments with a UN seat are covert nazi agents, or in other words doing nothing but to execute orders from Illuminati Grand Master Alexander Adolf Hitler:

    2. Still shortly after 9/11 there was hardly anyone mentioning the illuminati and only one explaining HOW you can UNDENIABLY prove the first basic fact.
    See previous post, source revised at:

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