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    Walmart Soda Scam

    Here I go again on a rant about Walmart. They sell bad pop / soda whatever you want to call it. 45% SCAM !

    Ok how many times do you get a bad soda? Its mostly at restaurants where its from a fountain. A lot of things can go wrong, no problem....its accept.

    This is not what I am talking about.

    Walmart sells old / expired / off / refurbished / maybe blackmarket soda.

    Time and time again I get weird tasting, horrible soda. Not even close to Coke, Pepsi, or Ginger Ale.
    If it was flat, thats one thing. It's rarely flat (and maybe that was my fault).

    The pop tastes off. I get rootbeer tasting like armpit, I get Coke tasting like 89 cent knock off brands. Dr Pepper that my nephews wont even drink.

    One word: EWWWWW !

    Walmart is getting some nasty seconds from their distributors.
    Has anyone noticed this????? To me its literally 2 out of 5 times.
    And its not I am ONLY buying the 89cent stuff....yeah if its on sale...but I am talking name brand pops.

    I do buy the cheap stuff, maybe its expired, I don't know. Its "OFF" to say the least.

    Please dont anyone say.....bring in your receipt and get a refund. My life is much more valuable to me than to deal with THEIR customer service over $1 pop.:judges:
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