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    Vaccines causing infertility?

    Another conspiracy theory? Take a look:
    Teenage Girl Becomes Infertile after Gardasil Vaccination
    Human papillomaviruses (HPV) [vaccines] are the major cause of cervical cancer in women
    Two Wisconsin women are in federal court today, alleging that Gardasil caused them to go into early menopause and become infertile. . .
    The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has received 212 claims against HPV vaccines. . .Of those claims. . .68 received compensation of some kind. . .
    And the cute disclaimer:
    Please note settlement is not an admission by the United States or the Secretary of Health and Human Services that the vaccine caused the petitioner's alleged injuries. . .
    I've heard a lot of women complain about these vaccines. Most claimed that they were being forced in some way [by the Government] to limit the number of kids they could have. What if you lose your offspring? They ask. So, are these claims true? False? Is it some experiment being conducted by the Govt [to control the population] to see how it works and how the people react before they implement it?

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    Re: Vaccines causing infertility?

    Oh man. I believe all this about vaccines now. I never once had a flu shot either. Maybe if I make it to 80 I would do it.

    Unless there's the Walking Dead virus vaccination, I'll take my chances and eat plenty of veggies, fruits, and proteins.

    Everytime I read posts like this, I google 100 sites and read and don't sleep.

    No thank you!

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    Re: Vaccines causing infertility?

    The problem is that, they're getting sort of pushy and trying to scare parents into having their kids vaccinated.
    Unvaccinated Children Could Put Others At Risk. . .parents whose unvaccinated children infect others should be held liable
    Such threats tend to point not to how caring the govt. is but to the fact that there certainly is some ulterior motive. A vaccine should and must be something someone decides to opt in for; not some mandatory shot for. . .for what?

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