Wow they got the drug dealer of the guy on 60 Minutes. He looks so shady. Alex Rodriguez, aka A ROD got bent over backwards and screwed on the TV show 60 Minutes. They had over 500 txt messages from Blackberry. They had schedules....they synced up games to his doping.

I feel bad for A Rod....all those idiots do drugs, and it's gotta be the most boring sport in the world. I'd rather watch bowling, golf, or even car racing.

This guy that's the whistleblower is working a book deal now and movie rights. He's an opportunistic Miami drug dealing scumbag.

He has received death threats and I can understand why. He comes across like a shaddy italian mafioso wanna be. He's so smug and acting charismatic but being the bad guy Anthony Bosch (just Googled it) and yeah I nailed the profile.

But who is Anthony Bosch? What do we know about him?
Not much. We know he was born in Miami and grew up in comfortable circumstances. His father, Pedro Bosch, has been a successful physician for nearly 40 years. He has had multiple marriages and multiple failed businesses, with Biogenesis being the last.
Biogenesis was an “anti-aging” clinic that, superficially anyway, was like many in Florida. It was just across U.S. 1 from the University of Miami, housed in what was once a motel. Like other anti-aging clinics, it was a quasi-medical establishment which offered its mostly wealthy clients assistance in weight loss, physical fitness, and in some cases psychological services. Better living through therapy and chemistry. Such clinics are not licensed or regulated by the State of Florida.
The “quasi” part of that comes from the fact that Bosch is not a physician. His only known degree was obtained in 2009 from the Central America Health Sciences University in Belize, which he claimed to be a medical degree and displayed it on his office wall. According to the Miami New Times he wore a lab coat with “Dr. Tony Bosch” on it and gave the impression to many that he was, in fact, a doctor. Source
How do you guys feel about Alex Rodriguez? I'm sick of it but I feel he's taking the fall for the whole failed system of rich bastards looking the other way anyway.