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    Ariel Sharon impersonated by imposter since 1975 died in 2006 - exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt

    "Sharon in coma since 2006 finally dies" is part of self-fulfilling "False Messiah/Prophet revealed after Sharon dies", by Israel's "rabin" Kaduri.
    In the illuminati anti-Bible the role of "False Prophet, the Messiah for the Human cattle" is played by a "first ever" male duo :
    - first non-European pope in nearly 1,300 years and first (south) american Pope Francis Peter the Roman, alias Il Grande Broglio.
    - first black US president Obama alias Obomber the Obamessiah.
    As for the real Messiah, it's also a "first ever" female duo. It becomes FULLY visible after the detonation of "an arab backed imposter", the ultimate anagram for "President Barack Obama":
    - Angela "Merkel" alias Angela Hitler, proclaimed the real EU president in 2005 as first woman chanceller of Germany.
    - sister Hitlery Clinton, proclaimed the real 44th president, first woman president of the USA.

    Ariel Sharon impersonated since 1975 by imposter who died in 2006 - exposed worldwide first
    "Sharon" and Fidel Castro "live" beyond death
    Fidel Castro had his life extended, impersonated after his natural death by Liam Neeson.
    Same with Ariel Sharon, with one minor and a MAJOR difference:
    - no actor was needed to impersonate "Sharon" after his death, during the 8 years he was supposedly in coma.
    - the quotes around Sharon already tell what the MAJOR difference is: Sharon, unlike Castro a RESISTER, was murdered and replaced by an imposter in 1975.
    Media fulfilling the fourth commandment of illuminati religion, shows REAL Sharon 1966 and imposter 1982 in the same page (1).

    Ariel Sharon, carbon copy of Nelson Mandela
    1. Resister murdered.
    2. Replaced by imposter.
    3. Imposter starts playing head of state.

    When were steps 1, 2 and 3 applied to Mandela and Sharon.
    1: Mandela 1966, Sharon 1975
    2: Mandela 1989 by Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman, Sharon 1975 by a so far unidentified actor.
    3: Mandela as president 1994, Sharon as prime minister 2001.

    Differences about who is the imposter, when did he step on stage or is still alive or not
    Sharon and Mandela are carbon copies from the same template. These differences are only details:
    - Mandela played by Hollywood actor unlike Sharon.
    - Mandela replaced 22 years after the murder, Sharon within a year.
    - imposter playing Mandela still alive at the time of the "funeral", in fact sitting as Kofi Annan (also played by Morgan Freeman) next to the spiritual master of ceremonies, "archbishop" Desmond Tutu.

    Sharon and Mandela vs Putin and Fidel Castro:
    Imposters started impersonating Putin and Castro AFTER they both became heads of state.
    Putin is not impersonated by an Hollywood actor, unlike Fidel Castro, impersonated in recent years by Liam Neeson.
    Again this is only a detail.

    Fidel Castro vs Mandela, Sharon and Putin
    A much more important difference between Putin and Castro:
    - Vladimir Putin was indeed a true resister like Mandela and Sharon.
    - Castro was NEITHER murdered NOR a TRUE resister.

    (1) Imposter 1982 and real Sharon below at the NYT article from 2006

    Fake funerals, empty coffins: Franklin D. Roosevelt to Nelson Mandela and Ariel Sharon

    Self-fulfilling the "False Messiah/Prophet" self-made rabin Kaduri's "prophecy" for the human cattle
    March 22 2013, the Skull & Bones date 322, seemed the obvious choice to announce the LAST scripted pope and the the "death" of Sharon.
    But there was an even better alternative:
    Y'sraels' 11th Premier died on 1/11 (Shabbat) in the 11th month of Shvat on the Hebrew calendar."

    BIG BANG starts February 7 2014. Shortly after Obomber's team of fake suicide bombers detonates (includes False Prophet Pope Francis and "evil jew" Ben Bernanke).
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    Re: Ariel Sharon impersonated by imposter since 1975 died in 2006 - exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt

    SUPPRESSED TRUTH , link in BASICS pf in first post

    All exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet
    Fake funerals, empty coffins: Franklin D. Roosevelt to Nelson Mandela and Ariel Sharon

    Two types of Fake funerals with empty coffins.

    1. "Buried" died years earlier
    Resister Nelson Mandela was murdered 1966, Mandela is impersonated by Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman since 1989.
    The "dead" was present at his "funeral": Kofi Annan. also played by Morgan Freeman) sat next to the spiritual master of ceremonies, "archbishop" Desmond Tutu.
    The mockery staged as first global funeral of the XXI century, using the treasonous South African puppets, Zuma & Co, goes beyond the empty casket.
    Same as another fake funeral of the same type, about to be staged using the treasonous Israeli puppets, Peres & Co.
    The "buried" isn't a traitor but a carbon copy of Nelson Mandela: resister Ariel Sharon was murdered 1975, the same year he was replaced by an imposter.
    Only difference: imposter died 2006, the mockery goes beyond "being in coma for almost a decade".

    2. "Buried" is alive
    The ultimate example, exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet:
    Franklin D. Roosevelt's funeral, April 14, 1945: "dead" illuminati US president was in fact still alive.
    But unlike "Mandela" there's no evidence that he was walking around the casket.

    Why did the illuminati fake Roosevelt's death
    The answer was given one day earlier, as Last Prophet exposed the real story about fake identity Truman alias Hitler's last airforce commander Ritter von Greim.
    Not only the most obscure but also the most invisble of all senators, "Truman" became vice-president January 1945 without being spotted in the campaign.
    No wonder: during the campaign he was in fact returning from Germany because he HAD to become president BEFORE the imminent surrender of the Nazi Army to the Red Army.

    Contrast Roosevelt/Truman with Obama/Hitlery
    Obama plays counterfeit president but will be stripped within weeks.
    Hitlery Clinton will enter the illuminati History Books as the 44th president, from November 2008 on the successor of GW Bush.
    As revealed worldwide first Jan 4 2014, this is not the first but second time that the US has two presidents at the same time.
    It happenend from the day Truman alias Hitler's Luftwaffe commander's had his oath as US president to the day Roosevelt really died.
    During that time Roosevelt was still to be considered also president due to PAST events (he was not impeached, his funeral was faked).
    On the other hand Hitlers daughter (Hillary is also Merkel's older sister) is NOW also president because of FUTURE events (Obama impeached AND stripped).

    April 2014: Unlike Mandela and Sharon, next funeral with an *** EMPTY *** coffin of a former major world leader won't be televised
    What do the real funerals of Roosevelt probably in the fifties, Mandela in the sixties (1966, played since 1989 by Morgan Freeman), Ariel Sharon in the seventies (1975) and Fidel Castro already in this millenium (played afterwards by Liam Neeson) share with Zero's fake funeral next April?
    Unlike the real death of Roosevelt and the deaths of the real Nelson Mandela, Ariel Sharon and Fidel Castro, "Obama"'s fake death after sentenced to death by SCOTUS and "hanged", will be announced.
    But same as for the real funerals of Roosevelt, Mandela, Sharon and Castro: Obomber's fake funeral won't be televised.

    Closed caskets because they were EMPTY
    Franklin D. Roosevelt’s funeral service in the East Room of the White House.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt dead 1945

    Fake identity Harry S Truman and the origins of the Illuminati
    "Harry S. Truman" was NOT a TRUE MAN.
    It was a fake identity, same as "Barry" "Hussein Obama II".
    Truman was in fact Robert Ritter von Greim.
    Of all germans "Truman" was:
    - last German officer to achieve the rank of Generalfeldmarschall (Field Marshal);
    - last commander of the Luftwaffe, Hitler's airforce.
    - last to the knighted (Ritter or Sir) before the scripted end of the First World War, the german surrender 11:11 of 11/1/18, with nothing but illuminati members at the at the Versailles table.
    - penultimate to be awarded the German Kingdom of Prussia's highest order
    And that's what last but not the least calls for a reminder of Prussia's role in the REAL History of the illuminati.

    Ariel Sharon impersonated since 1975 by imposter who died in 2006 - exposed worldwide first
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