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    Use tax for used cars by mafioso GovCORP

    My light presence received a car with a price of 5000 monetary figures. A car that had been with two previous owners who the second owner paid the same mafioso use tax. A tax for the use of an automobile already paid for and has depreciated beyond part value. The use tax serves two purposes: 1) Fund the top DMV board's luxury vacations and life 2) A convenient means to keep low-income people from auto ownership to further the tangible wealth disparity. This is demonic. Don't tell me it to run the DMV, pave the roads, build bridges etc. Because the GovCORP has more than enough money to pay for that. The GovCORP loves to spend it's money fighting "terrorism", which GovCORP stages for reasoning to spend trillions of monetary figures to watch the people, expand the surveillance state, and give CORPORATE welfare to further the demonic cabal One World GovCORP dream. Automobile use tax is a sanctioned scam by & for the mafioso GovCORP.
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