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    Grudge Match Was An Awesome Movie

    I dragged myself out of my wintery hell house and wanted to see a movie. Grudge Match was a flipping awesome movie. I am so pissed it got bad reviews and people aren't seeing it!!!!!!!!!!!:madgo:

    Stallone was my child hood hero and Goodfellas was my second favorite movie.

    This movie had it all!!! It was funny, there were homages to Rocky and Raging Bull. (not too much but they peppered it in).

    GREAT STORY! A complicated love triangle with Kim Basinger (good to see her working).
    Great father-son connection with the dude that was killed in Walking Dead.

    It was heartfelt, inspiring......ANY MAN that feels he's losing or lost alot of his life due to age will relate to this movie. I was sad, happy, inspired, this movie hit many notes!

    Normally I rent these movies and see the crazy action movies in theaters. But it was an awesome, beautiful movie, and I think you should give it a chance.

    There was only 10 people in a daytime local theater and we all talked in the hall afterwords and ALL agreed how awesome it was. I said "Why did this movie get bad reviews....it was great"....and every person agreed.

    I guess you have to love Sly and Deniro.......the movie delivered.....was unique.....not cheesy.....so screw the critics.....this movie had soul. It really did.

    I hope these guys don't end up apologizing for this movie like alot of actors do when the numbers aren't there. I would watch this movie 10 times, no problem:judges::judges:
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    Re: Grudge Match Was An Awesome Movie

    This was from Roger Ebert:

    "Grudge Match" belongs to a fast-growing genre I'll call "Senior Citizen Action Porn," or SCAP. Proud members of SCAP include "Red" and its sequel, "Red 2," the "Expendables" series, and the best of the 2013 crop, Arnold Schwarzenegger's "The Last Stand." These movies may appear to give AARP members something to cheer about, but their main purpose is to soothe middle-aged men's fears of getting old. These films do not speak to anything relatable to people nearing retirement age. Instead, they trot out the action heroes of our adolescence, prop them up with weaponry and get them to do the things they did when they—and we—were younger. It's an ego boost for the actors and a hit off the nostalgia bong for us.

    I'm a sucker for boxing movies, so my rating is a tad higher than it should be. But I have limits, and seeing De Niro and Stallone go at it here had the opposite effect than the one "Grudge Match" intended. It broke my nostalgia, casting a gloomy dark cloud over my memories of "Rocky" and "Raging Bull." I didn't need to see this. Truth be told, the real match between Stallone and De Niro occurred in 1976, when "Rocky" went up against "Taxi Driver." Like a lot of boxing matches, the outcome of that remains in dispute.
    I think Roger Ebert is just sad he is almost dead.
    I would watch 1000 of these movies!

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