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    Afghanistan: Illuminati "puppet" "Hamid Karzai" exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt - the ultimate illustration of End Times Reductionism

    Jan 2014:
    As World War III enters the 4th year the illuminati lose control of parts of Iraq (1).

    A reminder of what was exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt:

    The job of almost ALL United Nations head of states now can be reduced to simply execute the directives of the illuminati Supreme Leader.
    Exceptions (updated, January 2014)(2): Egypt, Rwanda, Guinea-Bissau in Africa; Venzuela, Bolivia in South America; Thailand in Asia: East Timor between Asia and Australia.

    Identifying illuminati puppets reduced to a 1 + 1 sum
    Anyone able to add 1 + 1 concluded from the very beginning of the popular uprising in Syria that Assad is an illuminati puppet.

    To conclude that Iraq's Maliki is an illuminati puppet it doesn't take to compute the 1 + 1 sum: Maliki was installed by NATO, at the cost of nearly a trillion dollars for US / EU / Australia / Canada tax payers.
    After NATO's official retreat from Iraq Maliki is secured by NATO airforce pilots playing Iraqi Air Force, Blackwater mercenaries and iranian "revolutionary" guards.
    At this point to conclude that iranian gov are illuminati puppets no longer requires adding 1 + 1, as it was the case in 2003, when NATO invaded Iraq.
    Yet the human cattle still buys the Iran v US hoax.

    The only difference between Iraq and Afghanistan: president "Karzai" didn't officially stop being secured by tens of thousands of NATO troops since the NATO invasion in 2001.

    Hamid Karzai fulfills the "black is white" commandment
    2009 - Fake identity "Hamid Karzai" becomes the first United Nations head of state to legalize marriage of girls under the age of 10.
    This stands for the perfect fulfillment of the third commandment of the illuminati religion, "black is white":
    - Legalization of pedo+hilia pushed to new limits under the cover of respecting religious principles (3) ...
    - by the very same "Karzai"served by the illuminati media as "fighting since 2001 the religious fundamentalists of the Taliban".

    Hamid Karzai fulfills ENDLESS DECEPTION
    "Karzai" is the most obvious of all illuminati puppets around the world as verifiable by simply adding 1 + 1:
    there isn't any illuminati puppet in the world protected by so many NATO military.

    Yet, other than the previously mentioned few exceptions, he's also the ONLY United Nations head of state who is NOT an illuminati puppet.
    From what was previously stated by simply adding 1 + 1 we can conclude:
    - In fact there can be nobody else in the world who can claim to NOT be an illuminati puppet for the same reason as "Karzai".
    What is seemingly the ultimate Paradox of World Politics is in fact the ultimate fulfilling of ENDLESS DECEPTION, one of the goals of the illuminati religion.
    A goal that nobody has ever reached as closely as the current Illuminati Supreme Leader, who rules over nearly 7 billion heads of human cattle, through those nearly 200 heads of UN states who obey his orders.

    Hamid Karzai fulfilling ENDLESS DECEPTION illustrates the Laws of End Times Reductionism
    Ultimately fulfilling ENDLESS DECEPTION can be reduced also to the word PUPPET enclosed in quotes in the title.
    Two characters, each time one and the same, the quote: ".
    The KEY to World Politics as we know it is as simple as that.
    But that is also the ultimate illustration of the famous final Laws of our Time.

    (1) Anbar, Iraq, Jan 2014
    Convoy of *** 50 Humvees ***, including iranians and Blackwater mercenaries destroyed by iraqi freedom fighters VIDEO

    (2) As of January 2014, also not controlled by the illuminati: parts of Libya, Mali (Azawad), Congo, Somalia and South Sudan in Africa; most of Syria and Yemen in Asia.
    And talk of "Karzai", last but not the least: most of Afghanistan.

    (3) 2009 - Hamid Karzai signs law 'legalising rape in marriage'

    Illuminati religion and use of religious fundamentalism:
    From: Fake identity Harry Truman and the origins of the Illuminati
    reduced version
    TOTAL DECEPTION and illuminati agents disguised as religious fundamentalists
    Syria illustrates to what lengths this tactic goes: illuminati are now paying thousands of turkish, saudi, iraqi and iranian mercenaries disguised as jihadist rebels.
    The mission of these FAKE rebels: pretend to fight Assad while their target is in fact the REAL rebels of the Free Syrian Army, who were about to defeat Assad despite having no airforce, tanks or chemical weapons.
    To fulfill the fourh commandment the illuminati go as far as to show in their media footage of these fake rebels crossing the turkish-syrian border on heavily armed vehicles.
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    Re: Afghanistan: Illuminati "puppet" "Hamid Karzai" exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt - the ultimate illustration of End Times Reductionism

    These threads never cease to make me LOL hard. It's the aliens, man... I'm tellin' ya.. it's the aliens...
    Get paid to chat! :) Diskussable

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