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    Japanese Elderly Being Scammed into Foreign Currency Exchange

    In this instance, the first case took place in Hokkaido. There was a woman (73) who received a call from someone claiming to be from a company that helps people invest in foreign currency. He told her that if she invested in 'Uzbek currency' there would be no way she could lose money. The woman was ended up mailing 20 million yen to the man. The second case was a woman (71) in Fukuoka. She was told she could double her investment if she bought 'Afghan currency'. She gave them 32 million yen and later got a package that was worth 50,000 yen.

    The Japanese government decided it should have a site warning the older people of their community HOWEVER, if you didn't know, the elderly are not quite the internet surfing type.


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    Re: Japanese Elderly Being Scammed into Foreign Currency Exchange

    Seriously how would you just invest in some company from a person who just called you. Well I think that is just not being smart.

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