This is reversed employment scam - I hired a web developer to complete the website. I paid for it, and work has not been done. We currently do not have contact with that person. Actually, I found it difficult to determine with whom I worked (although I have a contract, but this guy, or perhaps a woman I did not know that earlier, she uses various nicknames: Katelyn Kowalsky, Justin, SnakePliskin) however, if you write in Google name Katelyn Kowalsky then you can figure out this is a woman. Moreover, Katelyn Kowalsky is also on contract with address details that's why the logic tells that's a woman. Moreover, I wrote email to Katelyn Kowalsky (of course, I wanted to check first if someone did not steal identity of Ms. Katelyn Kowalsky) and guess what happened - yes, that's was she and she does not feel the obligation to give me back money (as she wrote in her email), as well as to finish the website which she promised me. On confirmation of my words paste the link to profile on another forum named BHW where Katelyn Kowalsku as SnakePliskin answered on my a job advertisement View Profile: SnakePliskin - Black Hat Forum Black Hat SEO (she's account has been banned), believe me that you would not want to fall victim to a similar situation. They say that anger is a bad counselor - I lost my nerves, money and time. I warn you all before working with this woman. Since October last year I have only problems with her. Repeated delays, missed deadlines, excuses and nothing more. Oh, sorry - insolent behavior in a situation where the client expresses legitimate concern or annoyance. Imagine a situation where your employee says (about his work): "I dont have time to sit here and talk to you. I don't give a **** if you don't see the updates.". And guess what - it's after 2,5 months from the day of guaranteed deadline by her. We don't talking here about a week or two weeks of delay but 2,5 months. Meanwhile, I'm losing money for the maintenance of the server (the video / streaming site) - and after nearly 3 months, the situation is as follows: - The lack of proper validation - Poor video player (with errors) - General cosmetology - lack of membership and all features related with it - lack of live video streaming and all features related with it - much more So, that you can better understand me and try to imagine this pathetic situation. She promised me website which include three stages. She took payment from me in advance for all and she didn't finish even stage no 1. I didn't get any refund policy, and she don't want to give me money back for these features which she didn't finish. A conversation with a crook who let me into this mess looks like this: (13th October 2013) Katelyn Kowalsky: I just re read all of your requirements, all 3 parts and the ratio email, then looked at all of your layouts. It would take around 10-14 days to complete the project in full. Me: hmm...are you sure for the period of time...? Katelyn Kowalsky: Well, I am going to put 8-10 hours per day into this. Projects like this take serious focus. I am confident inmy 10-14 day time frame. If anything 21 days tops. (1st December 2013) "Me: Okay but we set a last deadline on next Saturday, means 7th December it's much more time and I think it's REALLY fair solutio, it's almost one additional week. Katelyn Kowalsky: Yes, it's quite fair. I will meet your deadline". (26th December 2013 - I was really desperate at this point. I wrote to this woman that if she will finish within a week only two stages of my project then I will allow her save money for all three stages but she don't have to finish stage no 3, the most expensive stage.). Me: if you make the whole list of fixes in one week include validation (!) then I will resign from the whole stage no 3 (means live streaming) this means you will do in our price only stage 1 and 2, if you agree with that then I am waiting 24 hours on your response. I do not want to work with you at the 3 stage, because it costs me too much time and my nerves Katelyn Kowalsky: I say yes, which is a confirmation that we are on the same page. (2nd January 2014) Me: there are not any other fixes. and if you "don't give a ****" to talk with your customers after received payments upfront as well as you show your customers updates when the ask you about it after almost 2 months after prior guarantedd deadline that's fine, we start to write about this case to some U.S. newspapers maybe they catch topic however, the web forums for sure will give us permission to publish it Katelyn Kowalsky: I could have easily just left out at any time.You'll see some updates later today. But I'm not asking you any more, now I am telling you. Do not harass me. This includes threats of court, threats of "news reports", or web forums. When I said "don't give a ****", it means that I am coding. If you don't see the code yet, oh well. I think that writing about every single thing that was ****ed up, or has not been made, does not make sense and that took up too much space. I just want to protect you guys from loss of your time, money, nerves. Och, and please appreciate my help because, really soon I will go to the jail. Yep, as she said me before when I wrote her that I give this case to court as well as I will describe this situation on web forums in web she told me a behaviour like this can be finished in jail. It's really interesting and as I see, Ms Katelyn Kowalsky is extremely insolence person. Please PM me if you want proof, screenshots and so on. I suppose that woman who cheated me (she did not pay my money back) not even write here, because instead of this she will prefer to catch the next suckers for her ****** services. However, now I am sending to her the link to this thread to give her opportunity to comment this what I wrote here, but I don't believe in this that she will write here anything.