This was perceived as a relatively stable and fairly dependable HYIP by some. After about 180 days though, Catena Finance stopped paying. There were actually a few signs that showed this event, and looking back I wish I hadn't ignored them!

About 150 days into the program, they introduced a new, more short term earner. A total of 15 business days, as opposed to their only other plans being annual. This was to draw a different crowd of HYIP investors, the short flippers- and they eventually extended this plan as well. Both signs of money grabbing! Another sign, not as obvious, was their blatant popularity and faith people had in it. HYIPs will typically receive waves of investors- first, early, top, and bottom as I call them. First, being obvious, early being the ones that responds to the first proofs, and the top investors being the ones that join near the peak of the programs popularity. Then the bottom, this (near the top) is usually where selective payments begin taking place as well.

This is what happened at Catena Finance- selective payments deter investments, but don't halt the program because- relative to a lucky few, it's not a scam. Eventually, everyone loses though and Catena walked off with at least 1 million in strangers money I bet. Oh well, all in good fun!