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Thread: Screw Hospitals

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    Screw Hospitals

    Yup I said it. Screw all the hospitals. I am so happy for President Obama doing some kick ass reform in the health care system.

    One night in a hospital is over $5000. Give me a break.
    Hospitals exploit people with smiles on their faces.

    These hospitals have been raping the public every step of the way.
    All these belly aching bastards crying over Obamacare.

    This is 30 years too late in my opinion.
    Screw hospitals, screw health insurance scumbags.

    I had a friend with lymphoma......$800,000 !!!!!!

    Do not reply to this thread unless you dealt with family/friend death or had someone deal with hospitals.

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    Re: Screw Hospitals

    Yes hospitals charge way way too much for everything on a patients bill.

    Take a look at the charge for a Qtip.

    But is the new health care program going to make a difference in what hospitals charge for their services?

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    Re: Screw Hospitals

    I did a little reading on the new healthcare plan (Affordable Care Act) regarding hospitals and doctors.

    Problem is because this is so new nobody really knows how this health care plan is really going to work out for everyone.

    for sure some people are getting health care for less money with the new plans

    Not all doctors or hospitals will take all the different insurance and health care plans. So you may be getting health care insurance for less but will the doctor or hospital covered in your plan be the care you really want?

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    Re: Screw Hospitals

    "Healthcare". LOL. They could give a shit less about all of us. They are there for one simple reason - to collect a check. It IS, however, the law that if you can not pay they will treat you regardless.
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