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    Glow In The Dark Animals Are Real

    The future is NOW. There are really glow in the dark animals now like pigs and rabbits. You might question why? YEAH ME TOO!..

    Building on the research feats of scientists who have made rabbits and cats glow in the dark, Chinese researchers recently announced a litter of glow-in-the-dark piglets. In a Dec. 30, 2013, article, BuzzFeed's Alison Vingiano recaps an experiment at the South China Agriculture University in the Guangdong Province of Southern China.
    They are even doing this in Hawaii!

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    Re: Glow In The Dark Animals Are Real

    This kind of thing is both amazing and a little frightening. The way they went about making the animals glow is what frightens me, they used another animals dna. So, what else could they do by mixing dna?

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    Re: Glow In The Dark Animals Are Real

    Did'nt they use jellyfish DNA?

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    Re: Glow In The Dark Animals Are Real

    I was going to reply to this thread and agree. (Then I saw I was the idiot that started it).
    I think my car accident was worse than I thought. Totally forgot.
    Good grief,...:rotz:

    I don't think this was jellyfish dna, although I bet they tried.

    Did you know Alaskan salmon dna is in a high percentage of tomatoes now?
    (Their blood doesn't freeze)

    Welcome to the future.
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