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    Tourist Scam in Europe

    Heres a quote from Bob Griffith
    Richland, WA USA 12/12/2013:

    Just got back from Europe and personally experience a couple of scams. Went to a Starbucks in Barcelona on a Sunday morning. While at the counter, a man in his fifties wearing a dark suit tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at my back. As I looked back, a girl (20-ish) at the window counter told me that I needed to go to the bathroom. When I asked why, she said I had something all over my back. I went to the table where my wife was sitting and said we needed to go into the men's room. In there she started to wipe me off when I realized that the same guy was there with wet paper towels and he was down near me pants leg wiping me off with a wet paper towel. We quickly realized that something wasn't right and let the bathroom and went to our table. Only then did I realize that the guy was a pickpocket who had sprayed me with something. While discussing this, the four people at the next table asked what happened, then proceeded to tell us that the same guy tried to take one of their purses into the same bathroom. Thing about the situation later, it became apparent that the girl at the window counter was in on the ploy. Luckily, the guy got nothing. Also, we had noticed a woman's purse discarded by a tree on our way into the Starbucks. So apparently this was this guy's "territory". Secondly, while sitting on the balcony of our cabin on a cruise ship docked in Naples, I heard a lady down below yell. As I watched, it became clear that a couple on their way back to the ship (and very close to getting there) were accosted by a local (man in his 20's) who snatched a necklace off the lady's neck and ran. Ladies - avoid wearing unnecessary jewelry into such places. Although the perpetrator ran close to two other men, none of the men made any move toward him. I believe this was because by the time the brain fully comprehends what has happened, the guy is long gone.

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    Re: Tourist Scam in Europe

    These kind of scams are EVERYWHERE. One that I heard that was really crazy was a guy in Italy posing to be a doctor. He stole a bunch of business cards, got in a suit, and pretended that his car was out of gas. He told people he would give them a free check-up in return for 40 dollars for gas. It worked.
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