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Thread: Catalog Scams

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    Catalog Scams

    It seems like the internet has killed the mail order business. Are there any mail order catalog scams out there?

    You would think that some of the internet scams might be tried through mail order..... eppecially since older gullible people might give scammers money.

    Do you guys know of any catalog scams? :spin2::spin2::spin2:

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    Re: Catalog Scams

    I haven't heard of one in YEARS. There used to be tons of mail order scams that we got in the mail years ago. Free cruise stuff and the like.
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    Re: Catalog Scams

    There's a recent scam in our country when you send mail, sometimes you won't receive it.

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    Re: Catalog Scams

    I'd just logged off scam.com yesterday and guess what was in the mail? Something from Publishers Clearinghouse. I mean...really...I might "win". LOL

    Seriously, they must have sensed that I still love my magazines but I may order through Amazon. Before I read the thread about PC, I hadn't heard much and assumed they were affected by the recession.

    Rather throw away small tree stump than my hard-earned dollars.

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