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    College Sports Gambling Scams

    These poor kids are exploited with the hopes of getting millions of dollars in the pros. The college sports gambling scams are so blatant now. They get these poor kids, mostly urban and tangle money in front of them to help their greed or family or change the outcome of the game.

    Colleges make tens of millions of dollars and these kids simply get a "token" diploma in crafts or some bullshit degree.

    The student athletes can be erased after one hit, one knee injury.

    I get pissed when people say
    "these spoiled millionaire athletes"....etc ....etc.

    They worked their whole lives while most kids eat chips on the coach playing video games.

    Athletes deserve all the money they can get ESPECIALLY ones that go through the college experience. The odds are so against them.

    I want this thread to be about the HYPOCRISY and EXPLOITATION and SCAMS of college sports and the gambling that has ruined it for THE FANS of the sport

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    Re: College Sports Gambling Scams

    I don't agree with it, but I understand it.
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    Re: College Sports Gambling Scams

    They need to pay these poor kids a small salary so that they don't resort to fixing games and betting on or against themselves.

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