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    P3 Venture in Chicago? Is this real?

    I recently found this job for "P3 ventures":

    I have read so much about data entry scams that Im not sure what to think. I cant seem to find them on bbb.org, but the job posting did not mention anything about getting rich fast or selling products. I also wasn't sure what to think about "Work from home (after trial period)". In case you dont want to use the link ill paste the text of the job posting below. I am going to speak with them later today and have prepared some questions that may help reveal if this could be a scam, but if you all have any thoughts of suggestions, feel free to speak up. Thanks

    Looking for a local person to Chicago that can be our go-to excel/data person. We have a network of eCommerce websites that have many vendors on each site. Each vendor has an data sheet associated with them that needs to be manipulated from their format (either pdf or excel) to our format (excel) that we can uploaded to our backend. A training period of 2-4 weeks, depending on skill level, will be provided. A supportive team and work environment is always available. Vitamin Water, cookies and tea while supplies last (Emily! I'm looking at you!)

    Skills Required:
    Experienced in Excel - this job is pure excel, you'll need to be fairly talented at manipulating (vb and macros not necessary, but wouldn't hurt)
    High Level of Attention to Detail
    Precise and Accurate

    Flexible hours
    Work from home (after trial period)
    Bragging rights for working with a cool start up company
    TONS of room for growth/work

    If this sounds interesting lets discuss further. Please reach out to us at your convenience.



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    Re: P3 Venture in Chicago? Is this real?

    I have never liked working on dataentry jobs. The problem is that they are not so many that are legit so it makes it hard to get one that you can believe in.

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