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    BSA Gold star for sale

    1957 BSA Gold Star Clubman 500cc bike advertised for $3690. If you see this bike advertised with great pictures and iron fence in the back ground then beware I got caught it was advertised on the WEB site, Locate any Autos and location North Carolina I clicked on the contact details and were redirected to emotorclass transactions and thought I would check out this company by reading if others had used it and found other Web sites with favourable reports on this company so after some emails I made the mistake and paid by Bank transfer. After checking for a week found emotorclass including all the sites with forums were scams and removed from the net. I then found Scam.com had them listed as Russian scammers. A couple of days ago I ran a search on the net for a BSA Gold Star and found that this bike was now being advertised on freeshopperadds.com and advised them, the bike was removed. So these guys are still at it. I've done my money but hope that others will not be caught the same way.
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    Re: BSA Gold star for sale

    Tough lesson you learned, but never, ever wire money to strangers in payment for something.

    But do give more details, what bank, account number and routing code were they using?

    Don't report their new ads, instead respond to them and find out what other fake escrow website they are using and publicize it on these forums.

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    Re: BSA Gold star for sale

    Their details as follows; Name Bustos Pablo Anselmo address 1701 Summit Ave Richmond VA 23230 Bank of America Swift code BOFAUS3N Account number 488042257899 Bank code FW111000025.
    Thanks for you kind advice at least only tow things were hurt my wallet and my pride and damit I did want that bike but what really gets me is there appears no one who is will to catch these guys and I don't have the skill. Not for me but are thinking of many other people who these people are going to continue to benefit from.

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