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    The Man Earned This

    He offends me. Time for him to step down in disgrace (his pregnant tranny wife too yb:)

    Obama's approval rating in the poll stands at 43%. By comparison, President George W. Bush had a 47% approval rating at the end of the fifth year of his presidency. And all other Post-World War II presidents had approval ratings above 50% — with the exception of Nixon, who, amid the Watergate scandal, had a dreadful 29%

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    Re: The Man Earned This

    YOU tricky DICKY YOU i LOVE IT!! shades of the SPISE exposed for SPISERS and the LOT to ADMIRE or NOT!? from the UNDER appears the OVER and VICE versa in some DECOpage of WARRANT for the PRESENT commanders of RESPECT as IF they DESERVED any such ACCLAIM!? so by WHAT thread of PROMISE can we who are LACKING in the WHILES of the WHILE we wait FOR in anticipation to LEAP forth in/and REJOICE in a VICTORY of our OWN liking even if it MEANS as MEAN goes along the LOW path of CLAIMS TO and DEMANDS like that SOMEhow has ANY effect on the REAL if the REAL EXISTS here and NOW!? ......................OK no 1 said it would be EASY i have to INTERJECT but then WHO is NO 1 to TELL US how it IS/will BE!? does THIS make ANY sense to ANYONE i have to RECONSIDER as IF i CARED and was NOT just SPECULATIN on some HIGH i got today or NOW or who knows WHEN by WHAT helps!? pharmaceutical/legal or OTHER!? ...............by the by, if ANYONE has a CLUE about the OTHER, PM me PLEASE!? and OH yeah, was this a TEST of my PERCEPTION!? EYE YIYE YAYE!? :bah: :judges: :spin2: :smurf:
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