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    So....Is The Singularity Near?

    Come on all you nerds out there...you know..the ones like me who follow the emerging technologies of gene therapy, nano-technology and artificial intelligence. About a year ago I came across Ray Kurzweil and his predictions for the near future..he lays out a very convincing argument for his mindblowing vision...I must admit after careful consideration....I believe that yes...some form of a technological singularity is near ( within 30 years ). Your thoughts?

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    Re: So....Is The Singularity Near?

    That's rather unlikely.

    Computers are no where near complicated enough to exhibit self awareness.

    Of course they are expanding at a radical rate. We are looking at making computers from superconducting atoms and light based computers formed in a curtain of mist.

    So far we have a long long way to go before a computer poses any danger to us. There simply aren't enough robotic devices connected to a network to make a sentient computer dangerous yet.

    30 years down the road? Who knows... computers didn't really exist for most people 30 years ago... I haven't seen a great deal of progress in the last decade. Sure computers are faster and now we have LCD instead of CRT, but I haven't seen vast leaps in technology lately.
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    Re: So....Is The Singularity Near?

    I would say some of the biggest leap in the last decade is the mass acceptance of the internet....It has truly transformed our lives...ten years ago I never thought I would need it. Of course, technology has increased exponentially in power while becoming smaller in size.....

    How about Gene Therapies? AICAR is just one of the new drugs that will probably be on the black market soon....do you think this field will truly have the potential to stop the biological clock?

    I do agree with you on the AI issue....It might take a bit longer to realize it's full potential...but many say that a mature understanding of nanotechnology would precede strong AI.

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    Re: So....Is The Singularity Near?

    you also have to take into consideration that mr. kurztweil is a little bit "tinged" as they say!?i saw a rather long interview on PBS with him and his ideas!?he's a dreamer who will never personally see his grand dreams come true!?if that is not the worse form of self torture imaginable i dont know what is!?of course,by promoting his ideas to the masses he is attempting to right that injustice!?and of course if successful it will lead to unimaginable human elimination!?the natzi's had about the same sort of plans!?they just went about it too openly!?you have to be more subtle!?:freak3: :judges: :spin2: hehe!!.....just askn....
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