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    What do you think about this Dr. Gudakunst?

    Lately I have been curious about this doctor who claims she cares for her patients. Her name is Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst, and she claims that the entire fat loss industry is a scam - from the doctors who provide treatment for weight loss patients, to dieticians who benefit from the consultations of their patients who are dieting, and even the pharmaceutical companies who sell their weight loss medicines. According to her, she claims that the products made by these companies don't work because they are designed NOT to work. It's an endless cycle - people buy the product, then they will encourage others to buy the product, unaware that the product they bought doesn't really help at all. Her most grandiose claim is that the fat loss industry is a million-dollar industry that will remain with us for some time.

    She further claims that the reasons for people being obese is due to the presence of worms and plaque inside our body, and even displays some gruesome images of worms and other forms of plaque. Consider it as a form of "shock therapy" on her part, as if she is trying to entice potential customers to be more concerned about our bodies.

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    Re: What do you think about this Dr. Gudakunst?

    Seems to me this Dr Gudakunst is a scammer, trying to get you to buy products for weight loss, you wanna know a free way for weight loss? exercise! and If I were you I would say that to this "doctor" not everyone that carries extra weight has worms of some sort.... she is full of it! :zx11pissed: and to prove it many people have shed pounds by exercise, no pills no nothing. I don't trust your doc. Even her name sounds like a scammer type of name Dr. Gundakunst? lol *shakes head* :yelcutelaughA:
    Dr. Gudakunst

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