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    Mobile scams by SMS or calls offering free or cheap products

    Many people are easily scammed when it comes to the mobiles. It's an easy way to fall for it although it would be too good to be true for the most part. Sometimes you may get a text message out of the blue offering you free or cheap ringtones, or an entry to a contest for big prizes. These messages are hard to stop even if you reply to unsubscribe, you may even end up with a very expensive phone bill.

    It's best to ignore these messages and if you get a call from a private number, it's best to ignore that too.

    Before you agree to anything, a minute or two of research will never hurt so you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of these ruthless scams.

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    Re: Mobile scams by SMS or calls offering free or cheap products

    Yeah alot of these talent shows on TV...whenever I vote.....I end up getting random txt messages from psychics, new, celebrity gossip, etc.

    I should have read the fine print I guess.

    I hope my bill isn't $300
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