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    Beware of Gabriel Suppiah - SCAM artist

    If you ever come across this coach by the name Gabriel Suppiah (Indian), who is operating under Gabriel Suppiah Coaching Pte Ltd, BEWARE!
    Get away from him as far as possible. If he tries to recruit you as a trainer/coach, said that he will pay you a salary for the work you do, DO NOT believe him. I was a victim. He owes me and others several months of pay. He also did not refund us the money we have to pay to attend his training course despite postponing the date again and again. Besides that, when you chase for payment, he will try to make it sound as if it's your fault that you are not performing and will brainwash you so that you feel bad and not want any pay for your work. Otherwise, he will keep coming up with lame excuses to avoid payment. He has a fixed M.O and has done it over and over again. Just that none has managed to expose him and get him pinned for the misdeeds he has done.
    He has also lied about his refunds to clients. These clients who felt uncomfortable about his way of doing things have seek a refund and he has dragged the refund.
    In addition, he abused his employees' name to fight back any complaints against him. Totally a man of no integrity!
    He may be dynamic in his training but would you want to hire him to train your company? Or do you feel safe in sending your kids to any of his courses?
    If a coach does not have business integrity, Better stay clear of him!
    He is a total disgrace to the coaching industry.
    If you do not want any turbulence in your life, STAY AWAY from Gabriel Suppiah!

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    Re: Beware of Gabriel Suppiah - SCAM artist

    I was another victim, an ex-coach from Gabriel Suppiah Coaching Pte Ltd.

    I was employed in july 08 and was given a letter of appointment. In the letter, I was supposed to be paid for a salary. I was also told that I would receive commision of 10% to 15% for every client I brought in. When I joined gabirel's company, I was asked to pay an internal training fee of S$1200 for a training camp for coaches/staff.

    Initially, after working for him for a month (Jul 08), he told me that he could not pay me promptly and gave the excuse that he had some issues with his accounting people. After working for him for another two months (Aug 08 and Sept 08) in his company, he told me that he will not pay my salaries for Aug & Sept and wanted me to be his biz partner. I confronted him but he refused to pay me.

    After some negotiation, he promised that he would pay me one month salary (Jul 08) on 10 Dec 08. However, when the payment date drew near, he refused to pay me the one month salary and gave excuses again, claiming that I passed negative remarks to other coaches and his clients. He also refused to refund me my training fee of S$1200. The training camp was postponed again and again.

    Besides me, there were three other ex-coaches who had suffered the same fate as me. The clients who were referred by me had also complained to me about him. They asked for a refund but was rejected by him. He agreed to refund one client by end of Jan 09 and we shall see...

    I had filed a complaint to Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and CPF Board to claim back my salaries and CPF contribution. However, MOM could not take any action as my salary exceeded the criteria. He knows that all along and that is why he has been using the same M.O. again and again.

    I am sending this message to all of you as I do not want anyone to fall into his trick again. Beware of gabriel and his company!
    I am also seeking for advice from other professional coaches in
    Singapore. I will be glad to receive any advice/feedback.

    Life Coach

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    Re: Beware of Gabriel Suppiah - SCAM artist

    Yup. He owe us money since way back from his Hong Kong Street stint as a COACH and also at the Old Race Course Road office, ...with NO formal education in childrens' training of any kind, he managed to run kids programs in schools! And also outdoor ADVENTURE training for KIDS! Sometimes I wonder whether the parents check on his credentials. He owe us a total of more then 6000 dollars from 2003 till now. His 'I made something out of nothing speech.'...'I failed but I keep coming back' speeches I have heard it all! And if I remember correctly he was a drop out of college...He is now has a degree from University of Oklahoma? in Mechanical Engineering? Somebody better write a letter to University of Oklahoma. We were conned. YOU DON'T HAVE TO!

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    Re: Beware of Gabriel Suppiah - SCAM artist

    I am the latest addition to the scam from gabriel suppiah. Read about my story here www.gabrielsuppiah.weebly.com

    Don't be cheated by him anymore!

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